In a healthy life, many people find a precious commodity challenging to fit exercise into a busy schedule. But don’t fret but read on. In this article, you will be able to achieve solutions to the problems by providing an effective method to burn calories. The weight loss calculator enables you to get efficiency and effectiveness of fitness journey for improving health and promoting weight maintenance. 

Hence, unlike traditional cardio workouts, HIIT plays a prominent role in maximizing your results in a short time. So, be focused on the below article and read on without feeling deprived. 

What Does HIIT Mean?

HIIT is a short form of high-intensity interval training. This is the commonly used term for fitness platforms. It is the type of exercise that changes between short bursts of intense exercise and the period of rest. 

So, we say that this is the dynamic method to consume calories to maintain a suitable weight and to improve fitness. 

  • By achieving popularity due to its effectiveness in the past 2 decades, this fitness term alternated with short recovery periods.
  • Some healthcare practitioners advocate high-intensity interval training as a time-saving and effective approach. This also helps to improve physical fitness, and physiological functions, and mitigate cardiovascular disease risk factors. 
  • Why do some individuals always select HIIT? This is a well-known story behind this selection. Because high-intensity interval training emerges as the preferred physical activity program. Another reason behind this is the high perceived enjoyment as compared to moderate-vigorous training. 

Benefits of High-Intensity Workout:

1. Increased Calorie Burn

When you have come to losing weight then it could be a complex journey. The weight loss calculator enables you to determine the weight by putting the current weight in their designated field. The key factors at the time of burning calories and looking at the calorie deficit. 

The intense burst of physical training routine elevates the rate of blood in the body. This also pushes the body to its limits and simulates the high metabolic response.

2. Boosts Metabolism and Elevates Calorie Expenditure

High intensity interval training alternates the pattern of exercise and rest phase in order to elevate the metabolism state. This also helps you to avoid the prolonged calorie consumption after your workout. 

So we say that, within a short period the high-intensity interval workouts are designed to get high consumption of calories for losing weight. In this case, a weight loss planner helps a lot. This tool helps you to determine average fat loss alone and hides the fat loss achieved by individuals.

3. Reduced Body Fat

High intensity interval workouts enable you to elevate body fat. When you work hard at the workplace work hard with gym instruments or run fast then you should effectively lose that also helps you to maintain weight. 

Typically, workouts burn the most dangerous type of fat that are particularly belly fat. Belly fats are the main reason to enhance weight. It is linked to an increased risk of health diseases, especially heart issues, stroke, and many more. 

4. Improved Insulin Sensitivity

This fitness factor improves your body’s insulin sensitivity. This insulin sensitivity describes how much body parts are sensitive with regard to insulin. To maintain blood glucose levels there is also a need for a small amount of insulin in the body. 

So, we can say that the human body requires a smaller amount of insulin to effectively regulate blood sugar levels. Especially at the time of weight loss, their consideration is necessary because around the belly insulin stores fat.

5. Increased Muscle Mass

High intensity interval training enhances body and especially muscle mass. As we know the weight of muscle mass is determined in kilograms or pounds. The weight loss calculator online helps you to determine how much weight is considered suitable for living a healthy life. 

In the human body consumption of calories results in accumulated muscles and these help to boost your rate of metabolism to burn more calories at the time of rest. Muscles are more active with regard to metabolism than fat. On the other hand, the body fat percentage determines the amount of fat that your body holds. 


Benefit Numeric Value
Increased calorie burn during exercise 15-20% higher than traditional cardio
Elevated calorie expenditure post-exercise Up to 15% more calories burned for hours after the workout
Fat loss, particularly around the abdomen 9.4% reduction in visceral fat after 6 weeks of HIIT
Improved cardiovascular fitness 5% increase in VO2 max after 8 weeks of HIIT
Enhanced blood sugar control Reduction in HbA1c levels by 0.8% after 6 weeks of HIIT


Decrease in ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels and increase in leptin (satiety hormone) levels
Increased muscle 


4.4% increase in lean body mass after 8 weeks of HIIT
Improved mood and reduced stress Significant reduction in perceived stress levels after 12 weeks of HIIT
Increased energy 


20% increase in energy levels after 6 weeks of HIIT
Improved sleep 


18% reduction in sleep disturbances after 8 weeks of HIIT

Is 20 Minutes Of HIIT a Day Enough To Lose Weight?

It can be a part of your weight loss journey of 20 minutes a day of HIIT, but it is not sufficient on its own. For building muscles and burning calories HIIT is a very impactful form of exercise. To create a calorie deficit you have to make changes in your diet, which is necessary for losing weight.

 Regardless of the time period, to burn a higher amount of calories HIIT workouts are used in a short time. Weight loss commonly occurs when the calorie intake of a person is lower than the amount of calories that an individual burns in a day.

According to a study in the Journal of Obesity, people who did HIIT of 20 minutes three times a week lost an average of 2 pounds more than the loss done by exercise in six weeks. Another study of psychology tells us that after your 24 hours of workout, your Metabolism is boosted meaning that you are burning calories continuously even during your rest. 

What Type Of HIIT Is Best For Weight Loss?

To lose weight effectively many HIIT workouts are helpful for people. There are jump squats, Russian twists, bicycle crunches, pull-ups, and burpees are some examples. About the best HIIT, a person can speak with an instructor of fitness or healthcare professional for their circumstances. 

Depending on the preferences and level of fitness some kinds of HIIT are very beneficial and effective in order to lose your weight. Some of the popular and effective kinds of HIIT for losing weight are discussed here.

  • Tabata is the best option for the starter to lose weight.
  • Burn calories effectively and soon with sprints.
  • Improve your coordination and burn calories with plyometrics.
  • Multiple groups of muscle work are done in circuit training.
  • Bodyweight workouts are effective without any equipment and tools.
Metric Traditional Cardio HIIT
Calories Burned (30 min) 250 400
Duration (per session) 60 minutes 20 minutes
Afterburn Effect Minimal Elevated
Fat Loss Moderate Significant
Metabolic Rate Boost Short-lived Prolonged
Oxygen Consumption Steady Intermittent spikes
Cardiovascular Health Improves Improves
Time Commitment Moderate Short
Workout Frequency 3-5 times per week 2-3 times per week


To burn more calories than you would with other forms of exercise, high-intensity interval training is a very impactful way. Some of the calories that are burned as a consequence of high-intensity intervals come from a higher metabolism, which doesn’t end after hours of exercise.

In a shorter time amount, HIIT produces many benefits of health that are the same as other benefits. There is a decrease in the rate of heart, blood pressure, and body fat caused by these benefits. To improve the sensitivity of insulin and lower the blood sugar HIIT is very useful.


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