Japan pledges its support to Ukraine during reconstruction conference

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday reaffirmed his nation’s commitment to Ukraine’s reconstruction, framing it as a strategic investment for the future.


Delivering a keynote address at The Japan-Ukraine Conference for Promotion of Economic Growth and Reconstruction, Kishida outlined a vision of sustained collaboration between Japanese public and private sectors, underpinned by principles of inclusivity, humanitarianism, and technological exchange.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal of Ukraine, leading a delegation of over 100 individuals, expressed gratitude towards Kishida, indicating the event as a fresh beginning in bilateral cooperation.

Kishida underscored the necessity of diversified investment across various industries to facilitate Ukraine’s development according to its specific requirements. Over 50 agreements were made between Japanese and Ukrainian governmental bodies and enterprises, signaling a commitment to mutual cooperation.

Furthermore, Kishida announced the establishment of a new governmental trade office in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

In addition to these initiatives, Japan pledged €97 million in fresh aid to Ukraine, earmarked for critical projects such as demining and infrastructure rehabilitation in the energy and transportation sectors, as confirmed by the Foreign Ministry.

Kishida characterised support for Ukraine’s reconstruction as an investment in the global future, emphasising that while the conflict persists, economic revitalisation serves as a beacon of hope. 

“The war in Ukraine continues, presenting ongoing challenges. However, fostering economic reconstruction isn’t just about Ukraine’s future; it’s an investment that benefits Japan and the international community,” remarked Kishida.

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