11 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2024

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The crypto universe is one of the most dynamic and volatile ones out there. Individuals who want to trade in crypto have to ensure that they stay updated with the latest trends in trading in order to gain profits. This means real-time analysis on trading opportunities, keeping up to date with the latest pump-and-dump schemes, and even varying shady coins like Squid. An easy way to do this is to find the best crypto traders to follow on twitter. One can easily follow some of the top crypto traders across different social networks that provide some of the best advice for beginners as well as experienced traders.

11 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2024

11 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2024

Stock Dads @StockDads

Stock Dads (Crypto Dads) has become the ultimate community for traders of all sorts on the internet. With thousands of members, and dozens of expert traders, you will be sure to find real-time trade signals every single day through their Discord. While their Twitter account is free to follow, much of the value comes from joining their Discord community.

Documenting Bitcoin @DocumentingBTC

DocumentingBTC is a crypto trading account that discusses all topics related to bitcoin. The content on the account is an accumulation of information submitted by a community of individuals. It provides a combination of trending information, historical events, and reminders to all the followers of the page.

Anbessa, @Anbessa100

Traders looking for high-quality signals can follow this handle that provides good content. The page is one of the best crypto trading accounts on the platform providing real-time information and technical analysis to their followers. You can also get important information about trade swing signals with high percentage accuracy ensuring that you have the most appropriate information.

Rekt Capital @rektcapital

Rekt Capital is a Twitter account run by a crypto trader as well as an analyst who is also the author of a newsletter under the same name. This account is perfect for novice traders and traders who are looking to sharpen and improve their trading skills. The detailed analyses, tutorials, and courses on the market provided on the account helps you to accurately learn and partake in crypto trading.

Messari @MessariCrypto

MessariCrypto is a Twitter account that aims to promote transparency in crypto trading. The page offers current news related to trading ensuring that there are no biases in the information provided. They also have a website that traders can visit to get all kinds of crypto trading information. Additionally, Messari also publishes an annual report on the latest crypto trends based on extensive research.

Nebraskangooner @nebraskangooner

Nebraskagooner is a trader and adviser in crypto trading. You can rely on great advice from this highly experienced trader on trading small-range cryptos. You can get crucial information and learn about trading digital assets, forex, and stocks based on the tweets on this page.

CRG.eth @MacroCRG

MacroCRG is a crypto and altcoin enthusiast. With frequent and regular updates, you can be sure to stay updated about the current events in the crypto trading world. This account ensures you are always updated about the most important information relating to the increasing number of altcoins. Following this account will help to give you an edge making sure that they provide crucial details about trading regularly.

TheCryptoDog @TheCryptoDog

With over 715,000 followers, TheCryptoDog is an account run by an investor and market commentator. It provides some of the most accurate information related to trading thanks to the astute readings of the bitcoin markings they conduct. They may not solely focus on altcoins, yet you are assured to get all kinds of information about major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This makes the account perfect for anyone looking to find any information about the same.

CryptoYoda @CryptoYoda1338

CryptoYoda is a crypto enthusiast, analyst, and writer. This account offers some of the best technical and fundamental analyses about trading on Twitter. It provides information on both big coins and small coins. It mainly focuses on current trends in the market as a sort of reaction to different crypto projects. The account is perfect if you are looking for information about trading and learning about what experienced traders have to say.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantonop

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the foremost Bitcoin and blockchain experts. He has even published some best-selling books which contain valuable information about crypto trading. He is a prominent bitcoin ambassador and is respected by many across the crypto world. His account offers some of the best information about trading that you could require.

PlanB @100trillionUSD

With a large following of over 1.2 million followers, PlanB is run anonymously, yet provides some of the top bitcoin analyses to their followers. The informational data they provide has helped them to be credited for creating and making popular Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow economic model. They advocate for the supply of bitcoin and demand elasticity to project the future market value. Individuals looking for updated analysis are recommended to follow this account for future benefits.


With the wide variety of crypto trading accounts available on Twitter, finding one that best suits your needs and provides the exact information you require can be difficult. It is therefore important for you to go through a variety of accounts to find one that offers the information or analyses you are looking for. It is also important to follow accounts that provide legitimate and accurate information to ensure that your trading results in large profits. The Twitter accounts mentioned above are some of the best and most reliable ones available on the platform.

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