Clipped Video of CM Siddaramaiah Shared to Falsely Claim That He Wants To Be Born a Muslim in Another Life

A video of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah with the logo of news channel, TV9 Kannada, where he is speaking in Kannada is being shared on social media platforms.

What are the users saying?: Those sharing the video have claimed that Siddaramaiah said that he wished to be born a Muslim in his next life.

  • In the viral clip, Siddaramaiah can be heard saying “In the next generation, I want to be born as a Muslim” in Kannada.

This post recorded 21.8K views at the time of writing this story. (Archives of similar claims can be found here and here.)

Is this true?: The claim is false as this video is clipped.

  • CM Siddaramaiah was speaking at the Guarantee Convention at Mandya and hit out at the Janata Dal (Secular) – JDS. He called out HD Deve Gowda for “joining hands” with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

  • The CM had said it was the same Dewe Gowda who had once said that he would never “go with the BJP” and if there were any next life, he would want to be born a Muslim as the BJP is a “kaumwadi” party.

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