10 Best Dividend Investing Podcasts in 2024

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Stock dividend investing can be simple and profitable with the proper guidance and information. Knowing the best stocks to invest in and how to increase dividends can help improve your portfolio’s net returns. Podcasts are an excellent tool for learning and staying updated on current trends in the market. These podcasts can positively impact your average dividend yield. Many podcasts are dedicated to helping investors learn how to manage their passive income through dividend growth stocks. A high-earning and successful investor can invest in growth and dividend stocks to increase their wealth.

Here are the Top 10 Best Dividend Investing Podcasts in 2024

10 Best Dividend Investing Podcasts in 2024

Simply Investing Dividend

Hosted by Kanwal Sarai, this dividend investing podcast aims to enable investors and listeners to increase their dividend yield while staying time efficient and reducing risks. The weekly episodes of the podcast contain a wealth of information in the form of practical strategies that anyone can use to improve their returns. The host also invites special guests who are market experts to have conversations that educate and inspire listeners about building an income stream only through dividend investing.

The People Dividend Podcast

This is great for listeners and dividend traders who want to hear about real stories and experiences while investing in dividends through insightful conversations and discussions. The podcast discussions with industry experts give listeners an opportunity to learn about diverse perspectives of the market and investing. Guests on the platform also include thought leaders and professionals who talk about their experiences, share investing tips and discuss important issues that could affect market conditions. The podcast’s goal is to help listeners develop a new outlook on investing and dividends. 

The Digital Dividend

The Digital Dividend not only does it educate listeners about dividends but is also a source of information and learning about market and investment decisions that can impact an investor’s dividend payout and the digital future of various marketplaces and economies. The podcast also delves into prominent news, trends, and features surrounding dividends and fintech to give listeners a well-rounded perspective on various markets. Listeners are also educated on the different kinds of controversies and debates around the market, ensuring everyone has as much information as possible to increase earnings while investing.

Dividend Stock Talk

This podcast was designed like an audio log for daily trading. Listeners can tune into the podcast to listen to a trader, James A Gaudino SR., who has over twenty years of experience in the trading industry, discuss safe and practical strategies he employs to find success while navigating market volatility. The host aims to discuss safe, predictable, and consistent techniques for a steady and high-yielding income flow while investing in top dividend stocks. With multiple weekly episodes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, the podcast ensures listeners stay entertained while he discusses his experience in the market.

Dividend Investing for Early Retirement

Investors and traders who want to get into dividend investing in preparation for early retirement can tune into the Dividend Investing for Early Retirement podcast to learn all about dividend investments in short episodes under ten minutes. Although the host has stopped uploading new episodes, the available episodes act like the perfect guide on retiring early. Acting like an adviser, the host discusses how to set goals, make a dividend investment plan, build a dividend growth portfolio, etc. The podcast is perfect for beginners looking for investment advice, how to invest, and how to improve profitability.


This podcast discusses various topics related to dividends, dividend portfolios, how to earn a passive income through investing, the latest dividend news, and how to create wealth. The host’s three-decade experience in the market has gathered years of knowledge they share with listeners. Each episode comprises valuable information that listeners can use to exploit the market. There are discussions on what the host has learned through many years of being a dividend investor and trader, why portfolios should be unique to singular traders, which dividend stocks to look out for, and many others.

The Dividend Mailbox

The podcast helps build individuals who realize the true potential and power of dividend growth investing. The show is an excellent source of information and technical analyses to help listeners develop a profitable investment strategy that can succeed long-term. The discussions on the podcast include an analysis of companies, usable techniques, investing strategies, and general updates on markets and their potential impacts. Listeners can explore the world of investing through the various episodes of the podcast while employing tips provided on the podcast to compound the value of their stock portfolio.

Bank on Dividends

The host of the Bank on Dividends podcast helps listeners learn how dividend income can become a reliable and safe form of investment, leading to the diversification of an investment portfolio. The discussions held on the podcast provide listeners with a wide range of information, valuable tools and techniques, and encouragement as they go through their investing journeys to attain success and wealth that can last for generations. Listeners can also learn how to properly achieve a sustainable and passive income through investing in dividends.

The Spicy Dividend

The Spicy Dividend brings markets, dividends, and personal finance discussions to listeners non-conventionally. The podcast host deviates from traditional methods of educating audiences about dividends and how to find success while investing while ensuring that listeners are informed and learning from each episode. The episodes discuss updates on the volatile market, how to invest in dividends to find success properly, dividend analytics, how to increase dividend growth rate, and some personal finance topics like mortgages, car insurance, etc. The topics provide listeners with a new perspective on managing money while learning more about the industry.

Divided Data

Dividend Data is a podcast where the host shares their investment journey. It allows listeners to listen to realistic experiences of dividend investing and what it entails. The episodes on the podcast discuss dividend growth investing and how to create cash flow in the market. Through the personal experiences of the host, listeners learn more about the compounding effect of dividend investing and its true potential to achieve financial success. The investment ideas and opinions shared on the podcast give listeners an overview of what the market can be like enabling them to learn through the host’s experience.


These podcasts give investors and listeners the knowledge and tools to invest strategically to build wealth in an industry that fluctuates. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in dividend investing, staying updated about the markets, learning about the best dividend stocks, and increasing your potential to have high earnings is essential. Most of these podcasts are hosted by experienced traders who use their extensive knowledge about how the industry functions to enable you to improve your payout. At the same time, you continue to partake in an ever-changing industry.

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