Africa: President Tinubu Formally Approves Seat for Africa CDC Western Regional Coordinating Centre (Rcc) in Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu signed the host agreement for the Africa CDC’s Western Regional Coordinating Centre to be situated in Abuja, Nigeria.

President Tinubu’s official signing of the Africa CDC regional offices in Abuja highlights Nigeria’s dedication to regional and global health security. The RCC in West Africa will better address pressing health challenges and promote resilience against emerging threats. Enhancing global health security in West Africa is paramount for improving disease surveillance and promoting collaboration among Member States; the region can effectively mitigate threats and respond to public health crises.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak resulted in thousands of deaths and posed significant challenges to public health systems, underscoring the critical importance of global health security measures in the region. The outbreak highlighted the need for robust surveillance systems, rapid response mechanisms, and effective coordination among international partners to contain the spread of infectious diseases. Moreover, it exposed gaps in healthcare infrastructure, workforce capacity, and access to essential medical supplies. Through the establishment of the RCC, Member States in the region are better equipped to monitor, detect, and respond to infectious diseases and other health emergencies.

The RCC further aims to boost local economic opportunities in healthcare and strengthen Nigeria’s and West Africa’s swift response to outbreaks, which is crucial for the continent’s well-being and stability. By prioritizing these areas, the region can build robust healthcare systems capable of safeguarding its populations’ well-being and contributing to broader international health security efforts.