Should I resign as Publisher? 

When did I take over the publishing reigns of this band of misfits?

Was it three years ago? Six years ago?

Time warps at the Fat Tail end of the bell curve.

I love this job.

I love the rogues’ gallery of contrarian gurus, financial industry non-conformists and trading savants who’ve somehow found their way to our offices here in South Melbourne…and refused to leave.

Most of all, I love you.

Not you, personally.

But I love the fact there are thousands of Australians like you who appreciate a sceptical, contrarian, independent, sometimes wacky take on the madness of the money world.

It gives me hope.

And yet…

It feels like there’s a guillotine positioned directly above the door of my nice office, just waiting to chop me…

Am I doomed?

When ChatGPT launched in the fourth quarter of 2022, it instantly began colliding with and disrupting dozens of industries.

Today, those collisions continue.

In fact, they’re intensifying. (As you’ll see in our brand new blockbuster AI presentation, which goes live here now.)

The threat of an algorithm stealing your livelihood is now at least a little real.

And no more so than in the area of…publishing. 

As an alarming but also amusing article I read on Book Riot puts it, the software is coming for us:

‘The list inevitably includes creative jobs such as writing, editing, and translating, and it feels a lot like a ticking bomb.

‘Do we start studying something so that when the ship sinks in the next five years, we will be saved? Do we need to switch careers now? Many of us in the creative industry feel apprehensive for the future of our careers.’

We here at Fat Tail deal in an eccentric brand of investment analysis.

But at our core, we’re thinkers. We deal in ideas, not percentages.

We’re not a broker or financial advisory firm.

We don’t manage money, control funds, or take commissions or performance fees.

We just publish human thoughts. Hopefully ones that are unique and useful. Or at the very least mildly entertaining.

But then there’s this newfangled Artificial Intelligence thing…

Like an obnoxious kid, fresh out of Yale, who’s younger, better-looking, smarter, faster…and is beadily eying up my publisher’s chair.

Should I just wave the white flag to this chatbot usurper?

You know what?

I think not…

 Yes, AI is going to change things very radically, very quickly.

It’s not outside the realms of possibility…although let’s not get too carried away…that it might change things more than the Internet did.

But in the Brave New AI World, our job as human independent financial publishers is not threatened.

The opposite.

It just became more vitally important than ever.  

“I think the world in 2030, the majority of wealth management clients are kind of expecting a data-driven, hyper-personalized advice delivery ecosystem but still with a human connection, human interface because we’re dealing with people’s livelihood – their nest eggs, their kids’ college funds,”

writes Lee Davidson, the chief analytics officer at Morningstar, who oversees the firm’s analytics and AI initiatives.

He’s talking about MAINSTREAM financial advice.

But the point he’s making roughly applies to us as well.

“There’s going to be a role for financial advisors in that context, but some of the tasks that they’re doing today will probably be further augmented with AI.”

The financial world was and always will be awash with bullcrap.

That’s why Fat Tail Investment Research exists, to sort through that bullcrap.

Now, though, there’s an added layer of algorithmically generated bullcrap!

Our jobs just became more important than ever.

So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t start boxing up my office bookcase.

I plan on sticking around for a wee while yet.

Until the robots march me out at laser-gunpoint.

But I want to circle back to our reason for being here in the first place.


AI isn’t just colliding with publishing and the financial industry.

It’s intersecting with pretty much EVERYTHING.

What that’s starting to do is produce intriguing speculative investing plays.

I’m not talking about Nvidia and ARM and all the blah blah blah ones you’re probably sick to death hearing about.

I’m talking about UNKNOWNS.

Smaller cap companies. That, if you’re lucky, could become BIG CAPS based on this scary Artificial Intelligence thing.

You might have noticed we’ve taken our sweet time in getting a proper small cap AI batch of research out.

We didn’t want to get on the bandwagon in 2023.

We took the approach of research…due diligence…and a bit of sit back and watch…

Now, we’re ready to show you our conclusions.

Click here to watch Collide. Lock. Build. Explode.


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James Woodburn,
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