Yuck! 8 Cockroaches Ruin Dosa For Woman, Complaint Filed Against Delhi Eatery

It’s indeed a disgusting sight to see your favourite food item attacked by not your friend, but some pests. In a recent situation that would terribly lead to a loss of appetite, a woman was greeted by nearly a dozen cockroaches who raided her plate of a yummy dosa.

A woman who visited Madras Coffee House located in Connaught Place, New Delhi received the shock of her life after finding eight cockroaches in her plate of dosa. It was truly a horror for her to spot one but as many as eight cockroaches in her meal.

Describing the unlikely incident, she took to social media and captioned her Instagram post, saying, “This is not a heart-wrenching truth, rather a gut-wrenching one.” She shared a video of the cockroaches from her dosa while adding proof to her claims. “We ordered two dosa’s and soon after a few bites I saw something odd and picked it up from my meal. It was a cockroach. And soon there were EIGHT COCKROACHES, in ONE DOSA.,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the woman also mentioned about their kitchen and how poorly it was maintained. She said, “Their kitchen was no apple to the eye. It stinked, half of it had no roof. I was disgusted by what I had seen and I will not settle for this. I have all rights to safety, even food safety.”

Following the disgusting food experience, she alerted the police about the condition of the food supplied at the Delhi eatery. She filed a complaint at the nearby police station raising concerns about the food sanitation and hygiene of the premises.

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