Liberia: Return All Diplomatic and Service Passports Now!

Foreign Minister Sara Beysolow Nyanti announced Monday, March 18, that starting Tuesday, March 19, 2024, all individuals holding Diplomatic, Official, and Service passports with a validity exceeding two years must return them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deadline for the return of these passports, she added is set for April 18, 2024.

Madam Beyslow Nyanti further announced the suspension of Revised Passport Regulations instituted by the former Weah administration in July 2023.

In a move aimed at addressing national security concerns, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, has announced that the Government of Liberia has immediately suspended the July 2023 Revised Passport Regulations.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism weekly briefing on Monday, March 18, 2024, in Monrovia, Madame Nyanti noted that the reinstatement of the March 2016 Passport Regulations will take effect immediately.

Additionally, the Minister warns that all Liberian citizens and non-Liberians ineligible for Diplomatic, Official, and Service passports, regardless of the validity period, are instructed to return their passports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that failure to comply will result in immediate cancellation of these passports.

“Individuals found to possess multiple Diplomatic, Official, and Service passports will have the extra passports revoked immediately. Those with justifiable reasons for holding multiple passports are advised to contact the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for clarification.” She noted.