10 Best Gaming Discord Servers in 2024

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Computer games, including those played on consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation, offer gamers a variety of gaming experiences. From free-to-play arcade games to intense shooters and battle royale competitions, gaming companies have titles to cater to every player’s preferences. Players can explore role-playing adventures, embark on turn-based strategy quests, or engage in massive multiplayer online (MMO) experiences. Some games, particularly those on mobile platforms like Google Play, regularly introduce new gameplay mechanics and challenges, keeping the gaming community engaged. These games often feature single-player campaigns for immersive storytelling or multiplayer modes for cooperative or competitive play. Players can join Discord servers tailored to the video game industry to get better at gaming, providing access to insider tips and strategies for maximizing gameplay and outplaying opponents.

Here are the 10 Best Gaming Discords to Join Right Now

10 Best Gaming Discord Servers in 2024

FUT Sniping Premium

FUT gamers looking to find their true gaming potential and build an OP squad that exceeds average squads while learning to make millions off their dream FUT team can join the FUT Sniping Premium discord server. The server has different membership plans for gamers looking to access different features to help them level up their game. As members of the server, gamers can access a daily active sniping filter, have round-the-clock access to expert trader support who answers all kinds of questions, an error bot that gives you an advantage for building the ultimate team, and many other tools.


With a growing community of over twenty-five thousand members, the Futpreneur Discord server has been able to create a community of gamers who have access to insights and information that enable them to create a winning FUT team that wins large amounts of game coins every week. The server provides information on daily investments and budgets that help gamers increase their earnings with real-time strategy, and it hosts weekly competitions and giveaways for private members. Members also have access to in-depth guides with expert tips that explain everything related to becoming an EAFC tycoon.

Immortal Portal

The Immortal Portal Discord server is a community formed for like-minded Valorant gamers looking to improve their gaming skills and learn vital concepts required to understand and play the game well. Various membership plans for the server offer access to a range of features and tools. The server hosts weekly group events and coaches gamers, covering game-related content. It offers a fast lane course that includes video content on every concept in the game, a scrim queue available 24/7 with its ranking system and prizes, and one-on-one coaching classes and group classes for gamers looking to learn as much as possible about the game.

AEFT Gaming

Advanced Evolution Future Trend, or AEFT Gaming, is a Discord server that gives members exclusive access to a community of expert players, legends, and trainers to learn from. The server hosts activities with monthly prizes to encourage gamers to improve their Agar.io gaming skills and techniques. The server helps members transform into high-ranking players while letting them earn cash prizes, rewards, and different game promotions. The community in the server is active and safe, ensuring that any queries from members are addressed and enabling members to have an experience where they can learn as much as possible to win.

Minecraft Official

As one of the most popular multiplayer online games, Minecraft has created an official Discord server for a community of gamers who come together to discuss Minecraft news, connect with other players, and share their Minecraft creations. The server’s community is continually growing, with over one million members who have helped create an active community that shares insights and goes into in-depth discussions about the game and its features. Gamers new to Minecraft can learn a lot about the game while also having the opportunity to form connections and learn from more experienced gamers.

MrBeast Gaming:

The MrBeast Gaming Discord channel is consistently bustling with activity, often requiring multiple attempts to secure entry due to its popularity. Officially affiliated with MrBeast and his team, the MrBeast Gaming Discord server serves as a hub for fans. MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a prominent American YouTuber renowned for his extravagant challenge and donation videos and his original vlogs. Within the server, users gain access to announcements, information, and exclusive voice channels utilized during MrBeast Gaming channel recordings. Despite its extensive support base, the server opts out of a traditional chatroom due to its immense size.


The official Terraria Discord server is a community where players can engage in various activities and connect with fellow fans. Users can seek guidance, participate in events, and forge new friendships within its channels. Terraria, a realm of boundless adventure and intrigue, invites players to shape their destinies, defend against foes, and revel in the joys of exploration. Categorizing their channels for easy navigation, the server offers sections dedicated to information, announcements, community interactions, and Terraria-related discussions. Additionally, designated activity channels host events where members can earn prize points. These accumulated points unlock rewards, including exclusive merchandise, Steam keys for games, and special roles within the server community. 

Destiny 2 PC LFG

The Destiny 2 PC LFG (Looking For Group) Discord server is a centralized platform for players seeking to team up for activities within the popular online multiplayer game Destiny 2. Designed to facilitate matchmaking and coordination, the server enables players to find like-minded teammates for various in-game endeavors. Structured to optimize user experience, the server categorizes channels based on activities, including raids, strikes, PvP (Player versus Player) matches, and more. This segmentation enables efficient navigation and ensures players can quickly locate groups tailored to their interests and objectives. Destiny 2 PC LFG server members can utilize text and voice channels to communicate with potential teammates, coordinate strategies, and organize gameplay sessions.


Roblox is one of the most popular video games that have changed the gaming industry. The Discord server has amassed a community of over a million members who have joined the server to connect with other game players, join active chats, learn about upcoming events and game design, and improve their gameplay. It enables gamers to improve their online game skills with the help of the various discussions held on the server surrounding various topics about the game. 

Fortnite Official

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games with players worldwide. Game developers have created multiple modes popular among gamers at various levels. The game also has an official Discord server with thousands of active members who have formed a community where they can discuss various video game-related topics. Enthusiasts of the game can join the server and learn about new updates and features, connect with other gamers, and join a community with like-minded individuals.


Understanding game development and what the game designers and programmers have created is essential for gaming and progressing to different levels of the game. With the help of Discord servers like those mentioned above, playing video games can transform into a tactical journey for any gamer who enjoys good gameplay with the opportunity to earn all kinds of rewards. These servers help to make games more playable by helping gamers understand the game and all the possible strategies they can employ while fighting battles, fulfilling their game’s destiny, or simply creating a winning team. 

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