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Ameena is scheduled to be released on 11 April, 2024. The movie is based on a true story of two teenagers, Ameena, 32 years ago & Meena, a young independent girl of today.

The story revolves around how life treats them with similar situations and how they deal with it differently.

As Meena acts in the role of Ameena in the play, she resonates with every feeling & emotion of Ameena.

One day after the play when Meena walks out of Prithi theatre, life takes a sudden turn, Meena also becomes a victim of rape by powerful influential people & goes through the same emotions as Ameena.

In the past juvenile rapists due to liberal weak laws had walked away free but this time the victim Meena herself is a juvenile, What will she do next ?

Meena portrays the struggle of a young girl who screams and knocks the door of humanity for justice. Her fight is for every woman who has seen some of the darkest nights and still stayed silent. Will Meena get her integrity back ? Will the patriarchal society listen to her voice and wipe her tears?

Will Meena commit suicide like Ameena or rise from the ashes to fight for justice & choose vengeance?

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