Travis Hunter Surprises His Mother With 5-Bedroom Home

Colorado State student-athlete Travis Hunter recently blessed his mom with a new home!

PEOPLE reports the stellar athlete captured his mom being gifted the five-bedroom home on his YouTube channel.

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Travis Hunter: A Mother-Son Moment To Remember

In the video, Hunter’s mother thought they were taking a home tour that his fiancée’s mother scheduled for the couple. A group of friends and family were also in attendance for the surprise.

Hunter pretended to be annoyed that he had to view the home, stating he would rather go fishing. “Imma go fishin’ sooner or later,” the 20-year-old complained.

Meanwhile, his mom was unaware it was all a ploy to surprise her with a new abode.

At the start of the video, the footballer and his fiance, Leanna Lenee, shared that they were looking forward to his mom relocating to Savannah, Georgia. She would now be closer to Lenee’s family, making holiday visits more convenient.

Hunter’s mom pretended she was on MTV Cribs as she toured the kitchen. She was impressed with the size of the room and the closet. His mother even stated one of the closets was so big that she could fit two beds in it.

The Surprise Revealed

After they were done touring the home, she was handed a card. Travis stated, “Ain’t no money in there.” His mother jokingly responded, “Damn, damn, damn.”

She read the card that revealed she was the owner of the home. The college student’s mom ran around the room and danced as confetti was released. She quipped that the pop of the confetti sounded like “gunshots” as Hunter handed her the keys.

Trav’s mom said she would probably cry later and told her son that she “loved him so much.”

Furthermore, Hunter has endorsement deals with American Eagle, Michael Strahan Brand, Actively Black, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, and several others.

Gifts For His Girl

Hunter has also been generous to his now-fiance, Lenee. He copped an engagement ring for his lover, roughly costing $100,000.

Additionally, Hunter gave her a new Tesla last year — a surprise he also documented on his YouTube channel.

The football superstar attended Jackson State University under the guidance of Coach Deion Sanders. He then followed him to Colorado State where he currently plays.

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