20-year-old Ganja Addict Stabs Friend to Death

Hyderabad: A 20-year-old man allegedly murdered his friend under the influence of ganja, suspecting him of having a relationship with his sister.

The tragic event unfolded on Sunday in Balanagar police station limits. The accused, Sameer Syed reportedly took the life of Praneeth Teja (20) inside a parked private bus, where the body was discovered by the bus driver later in the evening.

Sources reveal that Syed, residing with his mother and sister in the vicinity of the Balanagar police station, had a longstanding friendship with Teja, who lived in the same street.

Tensions escalated when Syed learnt about Teja’s alleged involvement with his sister. During an altercation between the two on Saturday, Teja made derogatory comments about Syed’s mother in his house.

On Sunday, Syed invited Teja to an isolated location in Balanagar under the pretext of saying sorry, and they both consumed ganja. Syed, who was armed with a 15-inch knife, stabbed Teja to death and removed his intestines.

Balanagar inspector Naveen Kumar said that they have registered a case and sent the accused to jail.

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