Andy Murray's serious injury leaves no escape: is it the end of his career?

This time fate seems to leave no escape for Andy Murray. The serious injury suffered at the Miami Open is more serious than initially thought. And this could inevitably lead to the early end of his glorious career.

The instrumental tests highlighted the serious problem, as explained by Murray himself through an Instagram post.

"Yesterday, towards the end of my match at the Miami Open, I suffered a total rupture of the fibula-talar ligament and a tear of the calcaneofibular ligament.
I will see an ankle specialist when I get home to determine next steps. It's a hard thing to accept obviously and I'll be out for a long time. But I'll be back with one hip and no ligaments when the time comes," he wrote.





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Andy Murray's new serious injury

The results of the MRI dealt a hard blow to Murray and all of his fans. The former ATP No.1 suffered a total rupture of the talofibular ligament of the ankle and a lesion of the calcaneofibular ligament.

The period of inactivity to be respected has not yet been established, but the injury is serious and Murray will need time to return to play. The Scot announced a few weeks ago that this will most likely be his last season and his plan was almost certainly to say goodbye to tennis at Wimbledon, his favorite tournament and which he has won twice in his career.

Andy Murray

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Everyone's hope is that Murray can end his career doing what he loves most: playing tennis. Murray suffered a bad ankle sprain late in the bout with Tomas Machac. The Scotsman continued to compete and finished the match by losing in a tie-break.

Tennis World USA staff wishes Andy a speedy recovery and hopes to see him on the tennis court one last time.

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