Celebrating Nutrition Month with Tips to Practice Healthy Eating Habits

As part of a six-part content series presented by Sobeys, we will share the expertise of multiple Tennis Canada spokespeople including our nutritionist Ariane Lavigne, coaches, advisors as well as players and their parents when it comes to food, family, and sport. This sixth article provides practical guidelines from Lavigne to improve our daily eating habits in recognition of Nutrition Month in Canada.

Proper nutrition is essential to our overall health and well-being; regardless of age, lifestyle, or background. For kids, it is vital to help them grow during the most important years of their development. Simply put, eating well improves our quality of life. It helps us feel good while providing energy to both our bodies and our minds so that we can prosper while doing the things we love most.


For Lavigne, a healthy diet is all about balance, which is something that will look different for every person and every family depending on what works best for them. As an example, someone who is constantly physically active shouldn’t have the same eating habits as someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle. The same way that mealtime is not the same for a family of four compared to someone who lives alone. But that’s not all. Just like anything we want to excel at, effort and time are required to succeed. Planning, buying, and preparing will help you make healthier nutritional choices.

“It starts at the grocery store with a good shop because if the food isn’t already in your fridge or your pantry, you won’t make the meals. Instead, you’ll most likely spend more time and money eating out and take the easiest option in front of you. That might be the most convenient, but not necessarily the healthiest option,” Lavigne explained.


For those who would rather not cook or who are still learning, eating well is still possible. Sobeys has freshly prepared foods available in ready to eat, heat or cook formats for lunch and dinner.  They are recipes that can be adapted and inspire future food ideas. Meanwhile, healthy eating is feasible anywhere, at home, at school, at work, and while traveling for people who are always on the go. Lavigne emphasizes that the key is the ‘rule of three’.  In other words, three meals per day featuring three elements: a protein, fruits and vegetables, and some kind of starch.

Lavigne also points out that your nutritional needs change at each stage of life, so it’s important to be aware of your own unique dietary needs. Not only will what you eat change, but the quantity of food you consume at any given time and when you have your meals and snacks during the day will also differ. 

Adopting healthy eating habits truly is a delicate balancing act that can be achieved with the right intentions and making nutrition a priority on a daily basis, despite our busy schedules. It may seem like a daunting proposition, but in the end, you and your loved ones will reap the many benefits, both in the short and the long term.

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