Navigating the World of HFT Prop Firms: A Trader’s Journey – Company News – 27 March 2024

In the fast-paced arena of High-Frequency Trading (HFT), choosing the right proprietary (prop) firm can be as crucial as your trading strategy itself. Having navigated the choppy waters of numerous HFT companies, I’ve encountered everything from exemplary support and fast payouts to challenging restrictions and outright disappointments. Here’s my candid take on several HFT prop firms, based on my personal journey, to guide fellow traders in making informed decisions.

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Top Picks: Firms That Stand Out

Fast Forex Funding: A Trader’s Delight

Why It’s My Favorite: Fast Forex Funding has consistently been a beacon of reliability. Here’s why they stand out:

  • Rapid Payments: They’ve never failed to pay out, ensuring a smooth and prompt payment process.
  • Efficient Onboarding: The process to receive account credentials is swift, meaning less downtime and more trading.
  • Robust Support: Their support team is responsive and helpful, addressing queries and concerns effectively.
  • Flexible Trading Conditions: They allow news trading and weekend holding, coupled with competitive spreads, making them a top choice for dynamic traders.
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Kortana F Newcomers to Watch X: A Close Second

What Works:

  • Reliable Payouts: I’ve received multiple payouts from Kortana FX, attesting to their reliability.
  • Instant Access: The instant funding and quick credential process mean you can start trading without delay.
  • Supportive Staff: Their support team is on the ball, ready to assist when needed. 
  • IP Concerns: Recently, there have been some IP-related challenges. A dedicated VPN for trading devices is a must. I recommend NordVPN as a solid choice. Note that news trading and weekend holding aren’t permitted here.
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Nova Funding: The Known Name with a Twist


  • Dependable Payouts: Nova Funding lives up to its reputation by ensuring traders get paid, although the process can be slow.
  • Flexible Trading Options: They support news trading and weekend holding, albeit with prior approval, offering a good degree of flexibility. Area for Improvement:
  • Slower Payment Process: Payments are reliable but could be expedited for a better trader experience.

Firms with Challenges: A Cautionary Note

Quantec Trading Capital

  • Past Successes, Present Hurdles: Although I’ve received payouts before, recent interactions have been marred by numerous rejections for seemingly arbitrary reasons, such as “replicated trading style.”
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Infinity Forex Funds

  • Rejection Woes: My payout requests were rejected due to the “replicated trading style” reason, leaving much to be desired in terms of reliability and transparency.
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Other Notable Mentions

Next Step Funded

An additional firm I’m exploring. Early days yet, but they offer an interesting proposition for traders seeking funding and growth opportunities.


No comments.

Social Trading Club

No  comments.

Newcomers to Watch

Only Funds

A new entry in the HFT prop firm space. As it’s still early days, I’m keeping an eye on their development and offerings.


Another newcomer worth monitoring. Their approach and terms could provide interesting opportunities for traders looking to partner with innovative funding firms.

Strictly Not Recommended: The Talented Trader

In my journey through the landscape of HFT prop firms, it’s crucial to share not just the highs but also the lows. Unfortunately, not all experiences lead to endorsements. One such experience compels me to advise against engaging with The Talented Trader.

Reasons for Not Recommending The Talented Trader:

  • Unprofessional Delays: Significant delays in receiving account credentials have marred the start-up process.
  • Dashboard Dysfunction: The platform’s dashboard frequently fails to operate correctly, complicating trading activities.
  • Brokerage Troubles: Integration with new brokers has been fraught with issues, affecting trading efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Failed Payout Approvals: The firm has demonstrated a concerning inability to follow through on approved payouts, undermining trust and reliability.
  • Ineffective Support Team: When confronted with these issues, their support team has consistently been unhelpful, failing to address or resolve problems in a timely manner.

The right prop firm can be a gateway to trading success, offering support, technology, and opportunities that align with your trading strategy. However, based on my experience, The Talented Trader falls significantly short of these expectations. The challenges presented by unprofessional delays, technical dysfunctions, brokerage issues, payout failures, and lackluster support have led me to strongly advise against partnering with them.

Wrapping Up: A Trader’s Perspective

The spectrum of experiences with HFT prop firms can serve as a valuable guide for traders at all levels. From the reliable and supportive environments of my top picks to the cautionary tales of those firms that fail to meet basic standards, each interaction offers lessons and insights.

As traders, our journey is as much about navigating these partnerships as it is about mastering the markets. The importance of due diligence, the value of a supportive and efficient partner, and the need for adaptability are ever-present reminders in our quest for trading success.

I hope this guide helps you make informed decisions on your trading journey. Remember, the right partnership can make all the difference.

Happy Trading, and choose your partners wisely!

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