The PGA Tour Champions player hopes that LIV Golf will buy the Champions Tour

Chris DiMarco surprised many with his interview for the Subpar podcast. DiMarco didn’t hesitate to share his views, regardless of others’ reactions. Although he is part of the PGA Tour Champions, this 55-year-old golfer seems to have a negative opinion about the PGA Tour Champions after all. The reasons for his opinion? Apparently money and divisions in the world of golf! DiMarco believes that the PGA Tour Champions should offer equal money as LIV Golf, and jokingly stated that he wants LIV to buy the Champions Tour.

The American golfer wants the PGA Tour Champions to start offering bigger prizes and investing more money. He also reflected on the early days of his career, when he played with some golf legends, drawing parallels between that period and today. DiMarco is not happy with how things have been going lately and wants changes.

“Well, we’re kind of hoping that LIV buys the Champions Tour,” he said, as reported by Golfmonthly!

“Let’s play for a little real money out here. I mean, this is kind of a joke when we’re averaging two million. There were like seven guys last week from TPC that made more money than our purses.

I was fortunate you know you came in about the same time as Tiger did so I got to go from we’re playing to a million dollars to all of sudden we’re playing for four and five and I thought that was you know ‘now we’re playing for so much money’ and then now Tiger and Rory and all these guys and tour has just gotten even way more than it was.

All of a sudden they found $150m out of nowhere and added that to the purses and now they’ve got 14 elevated events at what $20m a piece and TPC at $25m.”

Chris DiMarco shakes hands with team mate Tiger Woods on the 18th green during the third official practice day of the 2006 Ryder
Chris DiMarco shakes hands with team mate Tiger Woods on the 18th green during the third official practice day of the 2006 Ryder© Donald Miralle/Getty Images Sport


DiMarco believes that money is there, and he is happy to have had the opportunity to play in an era when good money was made, but not as much as today’s golfers make. He is frustrated by the way individuals make money in a short period of time. During his era, things were much different, as there was not so much money on the PGA Tour.

“So obviously the money’s there, I was fortunate to play during the Tiger era and got to play for some good money but not like the kind of money these guys are playing for. It seems like every week there’s another person passing me on the career money in a couple of years of being on tour.”

It is common for older golfers who once led the way in the golf scene to be surprised and shocked by the money involved in the game. Now that SSG has invested a huge amount of money in the PGA Tour, things could become even better for golfers, especially the top ones. Things used to be quite different, and money wasn’t the key thing, although it’s hard to say it didn’t play a role.

Chris DiMarco on the appearance of LIV Golf and money

With the appearance of LIV Golf, things have rapidly changed, and money has become the main focus in the world of golf. The departure of individuals has created even greater panic and chaos among PGA Tour officials who have realized they must offer more money to their players if they want to remain part of this Tour.

Generally speaking, this 55-year-old golfer is someone who supports the mindset of today’s golfers who are chasing money. In this case, DiMarco was targeting LIV Golfers. He emphasized that if he were 20 years younger, he would probably make the same decision and completely change his future. 

Chris DiMarco
Chris DiMarco© Octavio Passos/Getty Images Sport


The money that LIV Golf can offer can change a golfer’s life by 100 degrees, providing them with more stability. 

Critics of LIV Golf generally argue that the PGA Tour also promises huge money, but individual greed is the main reason for departure. DiMarco is not sure about the sincerity of LIV Golfers, considering that most of them cited the lack of events as the main reason for coming to LIV Golf. He believes they have no need to lie since their reasons are clear to everyone, and DiMarco has nothing against their motives for coming.

Chris DiMarco’s view differs greatly from that of his colleagues, as this veteran in the world of golf is primarily motivated by money.

Who knows, maybe his wishes for LIV Golf to take over the PGA Tour Champions will come true someday, although it is hard to expect at this moment.

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