13-year-old rape survivor murdered in Katedan

Hyderabad: Thirteen-year-old rape survivor from Jalpally was found murdered on Friday after a heated argument. Her body was found in Katedan industrial area.

According to the police, the victim and the accused Mohammed Mohin 31, who is an electrician had known each other for the past year and a half in Suleman nagar and used to spend time together regularly. Recently, he raped the girl few months ago. When the girl’s family found out about it, they moved to Jalpally a few months ago due to fear for their daughter’s safety.

The deceased, who was the second child to her mother, had three siblings, all girls. Her mother works as a daily laborer, as her father passed away a few years ago. Learning that the family was potentially vulnerable, the accused, a father of four, often visited their house when they lived in Suleman Colony. He exploited their situation, possibly luring the victim under the guise of marriage.

Believing his promises, the girl had committed to go with him wherever he wanted. Additionally, he had made her develop a habit of drinking toddy.

On Friday evening, the accused took her out to a secluded area, and they had an argument about marriage. It’s reported that the girl wanted him to marry her or she would tell his family and wife about their relationship.

During a heated argument, the accused allegedly strangled her and smashed her head on the ground, killing her. After confirming she was dead, he fled the scene.

The family reported her missing, and the police, using technical evidence, found her body in the Katedan industrial area and arrested the accused, send him to remand. Said SI G. Thimmappa.

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