Happy 94th Birthday To The Old Tennis Coach

Our favorite tennis coach. Photo credit: Rob Stone/@RobStoneTennis

Our favorite coach is turning 94-wow, Phebes, where did the years go?

We know you had a rough winter, but the thoughts of attending the tennis in March was your goal, and you achieved it. ( we’re pretty certain it’s about her 35-year attending the Desert event ) 

You made a great recovery with a great team. We’re sure a ball or two will be hit by you today.

Photo credit: Rob Stone/@RobStoneTennis

We also heard you just completed 22 (day and night) sessions in a row at the BNP Paribas (usually 12-hour days) – impressive!

You’ve been living life to the fullest-eating right with no gluten, no refined foods, and very little salt, sugar, or fats. You take vitamins, supplements, and homeopathics, and you walk and swim daily (though you never seem to sleep enough).

You do nap in your beautiful sanctuary that you call home.

We all admire your discipline and courage as a member of the Greatest Generation. We wish you a beautiful day filled with love, laughs, and silly surprises.”

•Just like a tennis ball you always bounce back 

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