Luxilon Element Forest Green Review

Introduced to the market in June 2022, Luxilon Element Forest Green is the softest string in Luxilon’s range of polyester strings.

Available in 1.30mm, it offers a unique colour option alongside the original Element, bronze string. It’s marketed as the perfect string for power players seeking accuracy and spin with less vibration than typically experienced with control-oriented strings.

The string effectively replaces Luxilon’s M2 Pro and M2 Plus while keeping their Multi-Mono Technology. This technology provides a gentler feel than other Luxilon monofilaments, shining particularly during slower swings.

So, how did it play for me? Find out in this full playtest and review.

Luxilon Element Forest Green Specification

luxilon element forest greenluxilon element forest green


  • Composition: Luxilon combined Multi-mono technology with a unique Luxilon polymer—monofilament-based co-polyester.
  • Gauge: 1.30mm
  • Colour: Forest Green
  • Shape: Round

Racket Setup For Testing

  • Tension: Strung at 20 kg
  • Racket: Yonex V-CORE 100 (2023), 300g unstrung, 318 complete kit, string pattern 16×19, length 687 mm, balance 325 mm.
  • Grip Size: #2
  • Head size: 100 inches.
  • Previous string on the frame: HighString Snap, StringLab Tournament strung at 20-19.5 kg

A Few Words From the Stringer

Working with Luxilon Element Forest Green has been a delightful experience. The string was exceptionally easy to handle during stringing, showing no tendencies to tangle or stick. Its smooth glide through the vertical path made the entire process seamless. Notably, the string exhibited a remarkable level of elasticity, prompting me to extend the pulling duration slightly to ensure it reached the desired tension effectively. I would like to work with this Luxilon Element Forest Green again. Stringing with Luxilon Element Forest Green.

Luxilon Element Forest Green Playest and Review

luxilon element forest green playtestluxilon element forest green playtest

First Impressions

When you remove the string from the packaging, you first notice the string’s unique colour.

The vibrant green, with hints of brown, gives it an eye-catching appearance. Running my fingers along the string, I immediately noticed a nice feel and elasticity, which should make it comfortable on the arm.

Despite the standalone aesthetics, Luxilon Element Forest Green’s colour palette doesn’t complement certain rackets, especially my Yonex VCORE.

The colouration of this string would be better suited to something like the new Wilson Blade V9, which would create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing setup for players who appreciate both performance and design.

Power and Spin

Luxilon Element Forest Green showcases an impressive ability to generate substantial power effortlessly. The string propels the ball off the racket, allowing me to maintain fast, deep shots with minimal exertion.

However, as I delved deeper into its performance, a characteristic emerged, signalling its limitations for high-level tennis.

While advantageous for soft shots, the string’s elasticity proved counterproductive during full acceleration, particularly in my forehand strokes.

When pushed to its limits, the string reached a point of maximum stretch, resulting in a weird response and a disconcerting “plastic-like” feel on impact.

This hindered my ability to transfer power and speed effectively. The spin potential fell short of expectations, complicating attempts to combine power and spin in shots.

The string tended to sling-shot the ball prematurely, suggesting its suitability for power-oriented players rather than those seeking a blend of consistency and spin.

Consequently, I found adopting a flatter hitting style more effective in enhancing precision under these conditions.

Durability, Tension Maintenance, & Comfort

During my playtest, Luxilon Element Forest Green offered average tension maintenance (in the poly category) and ok durability until it eventually broke.

However, as expected with the multi-mono technology, the string’s durability proved inadequate for intensive play.

Predictably, it broke within half an hour of constant hitting. I attribute this partly to the string pattern of my VCORE, which may have accelerated wear and tear.

While the string’s durability may not meet the demands of high-level players engaged in rigorous play, I believe it could shine in the hands of amateur and club players who may not subject the string to as much stress. The technology seems better suited for players with less intense playing sessions.

Despite its limited durability, Luxilon Element Forest Green excelled in comfort. I experienced no vibrations on impact, contributing to a pleasant playing experience.

The string’s forgiving nature became apparent. It offered a good push and minimal vibration even when striking the ball away from the centre of the string bed.

This forgiving characteristic is particularly beneficial for players prone to arm injuries, providing a comfortable and supportive feel throughout the game.

Value For Money

Luxilon Element Forest Green reels have a premium price tag, well above $200. The value for money, however, hinges significantly on the player’s style and level of play.

Considering its playability, players who can make the string last 6 to 12 hours may find the Element Forest Green to have a decent value-to-price ratio.

Yet, the string’s durability is player-dependent, and for those whose playing style leads to a shorter lifespan, the expense might seem substantial and potentially not worth it. The high cost could be a limiting factor, especially if the string lasts around only one hour of play.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my playtest with this string, it’s essential to note that Luxilon Element Forest Green is designed for amateur and club players.

More budget-friendly options are available for players who might not require such an expensive string to meet their on-court needs.

Although these alternatives might not perfectly match the high quality of Luxilon Element Forest Green, they can provide a better balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

Who is Luxilon Element Forest Green For?

element forest green closeupelement forest green closeup

Luxilon Element Forest Green is designed primarily for amateur and club players, offering a perfect blend of feel and comfort.

Interestingly, I see the potential for coaches who prioritize feel and comfort during feeding and light rallying sessions.

The string’s characteristics suit players who prefer hitting hard and flat, emphasizing feel and accuracy in their shots. However, this string might not be ideal for those relying on spin control to manipulate the ball’s trajectory.


  • Comfortable
  • Very elastic for a poly (if you like that)
  • Powerful


  • Average durability
  • Average tension maintenance
  • Below average control

Power – 8.5

Control – 7

Comfort – 10

Touch / Feedback – 8.5

Spin – 4.5

Snapback – 6

Durability – 6

Tension Maintenance – 9



A cool looking elastic polyester string offers comfort and power for players. But lacks spin and control for heavier hitters.


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