Jenelle Evans Claims Ex David Eason Killed ANOTHER Puppy – In Front Of His Daughter!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Years after the infamous incident in which David Eason fatally shot the family dog — in front of a child no less — he’s allegedly done it again. Jenelle Evans claims her estranged husband killed ANOTHER dog — and once again in the presence of a kid!

According to The US Sun on Wednesday, the 32-year-old reality star made the bombshell allegation in the petition for a domestic violence protective order she filed for herself and her three children — Ensley, Kaiser, and Jace. She alleged in the documents that the pair got into an argument outside their home on February 6. When David had enough of the fight, Jenelle says he got into her car without permission and pulled out to leave — carelessly and way too fast.

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Jenelle says he “ran over a puppy and killed it” — right in front of his 16-year-old daughter Maryssa, who was at the house during the argument. OMG! The complaint stated:

“David has an argument with Jenelle outside of house in the driveway. David storms off, gets into Jenelle’s Toyota Sequoia to drive away without asking Jenelle’s permission, pulls out really fast, ran over a puppy, and killed it. Kids were at school but stepdaughter [David’s daughter Maryssa, 16] was home at the time and witnessed the dog dying. David also witnessed the dog dying.”

What the hell!?

This poor, poor dog! This man is a danger to all defenseless animals!

Jenelle mentioned the new incident on X (Twitter) Tuesday, saying the 35-year-old hurt “two of the puppies” in the past. She said:

“Why don’t you ask him what he did to 2 of the puppies? He wants to talk s**t about me well he’s the one that didn’t keep them safe. One of them was his daughters [sic].”

His daughter’s dog? We don’t know which one that is. But the other animal she must be referring to in the post is the family’s French bulldog Nugget, who was slaughtered by David in 2019 when it snapped at their youngest daughter. See the post (below):

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get scarier, he managed to one-up himself again. JFC…

Jenelle continued to state in her complaint that David has a history of “emotionally abusive behavior to and in the presence of the minor children.” Not to mention he’s facing felony child abuse charges! The docs added that Jenelle is understandably “scared” about what he may do next:

“Defendant’s behavior causes a heightened level of anxiety for all three children in the home and he has a history of physically acting out to include punching or hitting holes and walls, throwing objects, stealing items from Jenelle. These former acts of physical intimidation have given plaintiff PTSD and she is scared this behavior might happen again soon. Some of those behaviors were in front of the children over the years.”

And there’s more. Jenelle further accused David of “frequently” making “public posts about [Jenelle] disparaging her as a mother and wife” — something that impacts Jace as he and other classmates can see these online attacks:

“[Jenelle’s] son [Jace] is 14 years old and old enough to read all this online, in addition, this causes anxiety for [Jace] outside of the home and at school from classmates reading these public posts as well.”

Oof. In addition to the public posts, Jenelle mentioned several incidents of abusive behavior over the years, including the time he attacked her and hurt her collarbone. She recalled in the docs:

“David and Janelle were hanging out with friends and David got into an argument and tackled Jenelle to the ground. David put Jenelle’s arm behind her back and David was on top of her pushing down on her chest so hard her ligaments tore at her collarbone. While David was on top of Jenelle she screamed and cried, ‘You’re hurting me. Oh my God, please get off!’”

Thankfully, the Teen Mom star’s collarbone was only “torn” and not “broken.” However, she said she feels a chest tightness from the attack to this day. So, so awful. And things get more twisted from here…

You may recall Jenelle was a victim of a break-in on February 24. Well, she believes David may have been responsible for the terrifying situation! The MTV personality stated in the filing:

“A Hispanic male tried breaking into the back sliding glass door and broke the lock. The door had to also be taken off the rollers because the male tried getting in really hard. [David] told [Jenelle] the next day, ‘Don’t expect them to ever find you find him,’ and that ‘You’re not going to find him so just forget about it.’”

Wait, is THAT what he said that changed everything?? His comments led her to believe he orchestrated the break-in?! The complaint continues:

“[Jenelle] believes and therefore alleges upon information and belief that David orchestrated this attempt to break in due to his comment and not being emotionally supportive to [Jenelle] or showing him theory empathy at all.”

If this is true, that’s more messed up than we thought! Someone who could do that could do far worse. On top of the emotional and physical abuse, David also allegedly steals her belongings. Jenelle accused him of taking, without permission, several items, including her kid’s $250 Oculus glasses. He even stole “credit and debit cards as well as IDs and a license,” leaving her unable “to withdraw cash for five days while taking care of three kids at home alone due to not having her ID.” WTF?!

She further claimed he took her 300 Blackout rifle — a weapon with more powerful ammo than a 9mm. David being in possession of the gun has Jenelle frightened “due to his erratic behavior and physical outbursts.” We don’t blame her for being scared given his long, horrific history. She also said he has “her BMW keys and the keys to her Bayliner yacht boat.”

David continues to sound like a complete and utter nightmare! We are SO glad Jenelle is done defending this horrible man and leaving him for good. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

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