Aggression Volume. The Real Deal? – Trading Strategies – 9 April 2024

Aggression Volume Indicator is the kind of indicator that is rarely found in the MQL5 community because it is not based on the standard Volume data provided by the Metatrader 5 platform. It requires the scrutiny of all traffic Ticks requested on the platform…

That said, Aggression Volume indicator requests all Tick Data from your Broker and processes it to build a very special version of a Volume Indicator, where Buyers and Sellers aggressions are plotted in a form of Histogram.

Additionally, you can cross-reference all this Volume data against a N-period SMA (included in the indicator) and have like a threshold for the current Volume, compared to its past behavior.

Hope this indicator will serve well those operating the Wyckoff Method, Price Action traders, or those addicted to confirmation tools…


  • How many past bars you want to process?  This way you avoid overloading you Metatrader and focus on your main goal.
  • Volume Type to process: Real Volume or Ticks Volume
  • Show Simple Moving Average on indicator?
  • Simple Moving Average period setting
  • Time (in seconds) to periodically check for Missing Bars… This is necessary because not all brokers work smoothly providing ticks for Metatrader. So, in this case, The indicator will reinforce the load of any missing bars. Please be advised that this indicator could behave “weird” (incomplete bars) when the market is closed.

This indicator will NOT WORK for Brokers and/or Markets with NO LAST PRICE in their feed, as for instance, Currency Pairs – that only have BID and ASK prices.

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