The U.S. does not seek to decouple from China: Yellen

(ECNS)– U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen underscored again that the United States does not seek to decouple from China.

Yellen said that at a press conference in Beijing on Monday during her visit to China.

“Our two economies are deeply integrated, and a wholesale separation would be disastrous for both of our economies,” she said.

The U.S. Treasury Secretary stressed that China is a key market for American products and services. She also underscored the significant benefits of a healthy economic relationship.

“Given the size of our economies, the U.S.-China economic relationship is among the most important bilateral economic relationships in the world,” she said, and she expects to advance a responsible approach to the complex challenges that the two countries face.

During her visit, issues related to balanced growth in the domestic and global economies, financial stability, sustainable finance, and cooperation on anti-money laundering have been discussed under the framework of the China-U.S. Economic and Financial Working Groups.

Yellen stated that significant progress had been made during the visit.

She believes there is much more work to do on bilateral relationships and hopes to find a way forward so that both countries can live in a world of peace and prosperity.

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