Africa: AU Requests Funding for Post-ATMIS Somalia Mission

Addis Ababa — The African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) has demanded adequate, sustainable, and predictable funding for the soon-to-be-established follow-up mission in Somalia.

This is in the wake of the exit of the AU Transition Mission in the Horn of Africa country in December this year.

“The AUPSC welcomes the proposal by the Somali government for a post-AU Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) security arrangement and takes note of the request by Somalia for an AU-led, UN-authorised peace support operation to replace the ATMIS from January 1, 2025,” the AUPSC said in a statement on Monday.

The ATMIS is set to withdraw from Somalia in December this year.

However, preparations are underway for a subsequent mission that aims to sustain the progress made thus far and the ongoing momentum in the conflict against al-Shabaab, a military organization seeking to overthrow the Somali government and institute a more puritanical brand of Islam.

The AUPSC, which is the decision-making organ of the AU for the prevention, management, and resolution of conflicts, reiterated the need to continue supporting Somalia by providing capacity building to the Somali security forces.

The AUPSC said this will help the Somali government accelerate its force generation and integration efforts to ensure the effective assumption of security responsibilities after the full draw-down of the ATMIS to avoid the creation of a security vacuum in January 2025.

The AUPSC requested the AU Commission to undertake comprehensive and detailed planning based on the situation on the ground, including undertaking threat assessments in consultation with Somalia, ATMIS troop-contributing countries, and the United Nations.

The ATMIS withdrew 5,000 troops from Somalia and handed over 13 military bases to the Somali Security Forces during the first and second phases of the draw-down concluded in 2023.

The AU mission is preparing to withdraw an additional 4,000 troops from Somalia in June this year.


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