OneClick Online Account Manager Manual – Analytics & Forecasts – 10 April 2024

OneClick Online Account Manager

The utility help you to :

  • Monitor status of all accounts on a private web page. Some information such as account connection status, account profit, DD, Balance, Equity, Margin Level, Number of positions and orders, Daily and Weekly profit/loss and also overall summation of all these parameters.
  • Close all orders and positions on a specific account or on all accounts by a simple click
  • Receive phone notifications, Emails, Telegram messages in case of account disconnection, terminal shot down, internet connection lost, ….
  • Receive notifications if your customized condition meets on DD, Profit, Equity, Margin level .
  • Receive notification of account properties at predetermined fixed time intervals.
  • More and more …

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Detailed Manual

A. Adjusting Drawdown, Account Profit, Equity, Margin Level Settings

1. Select the parameter you want to adjust. It is possible to adjust different settings for each one. The DD parameter is explained below. Profit, Equity and margin level adjustment is the same as DD.

2. Enable or disable any condition you want. If you disable both, all notifications and messages from DD will be disabled.

3. Do you want to receive reminder notifications if defined conditions continue? Enable this option to receive messages if conditions meet for a long time.

For example, on the above image, if account DD>Y the first notification will be received. If DD remains above Y for more than Z minutes, a reminder notification will be received. If you disable the repeat option, once DD>Y a notification will be sent and you will not receive any notification if DD remains above Y. Once DD falls below Y and exceeds above Y again, a new notification will be received. (But the time interval of each notification can not be less than Z minutes)

4. These are data you want to receive on the notifications body.

5. How do you want to receive notifications?

  • Popup Alerts : Messages on a pop up window on your desktop terminal.
  • Phone Notification : Notifications to receive on your phone using MetaTrader phone app.
  • Email : Receive messages on your phone.
  • Telegram : Receive messages on your telegram app. Follow instructions of setting up telegram messaging on the below.

B. Adjusting Warnings/Notifications in case of disconnection with broker trade server

In this section, you can adjust settings of how to inform you if connection of the terminal is lost with the broker server. (same as 4 in the above image). Take note in this case the internet connection of PC or VPS is not lost and so the options of notifications/email/telegram can work correctly. Only the connection of the terminal with the broker trade server is lost.

1. Enable or disable this feature by this tick box. For example if the connection is lost for more than X seconds, the notification will be sent to inform you.

2. Feature to remind disconnection status every Y minutes. If the option is enabled, you will receive notification every Y minutes in case of continuous disconnection. If the option disabled, notification will be sent anytime the connection status changes from “Connected” to “No Connection”. (But the time interval of each notification can not be less than Y minutes)

3. Same as Section A.4 above.

C. Notifications in account properties at the fixed time intervals

1. The option to enable or disable this feature. If enabled, you will receive a notification/message every X minutes including your determined data on (2).

2. Same as section A.4.

3. Same as section A.5.

D. Web panel

Web Panel is a private web link to view, manage and monitor all of your accounts from a single web page on your PC or on your phone.

1. Enable or disable reporting this account properties on the web panel.

2. Enable or disable “Close All” commands from the web panel. If you disable this option, “Close All” command on the web panel will be ignored on this account.

3. This is a useful option to inform anytime the terminal is closed due to unknown reasons or the PC power lost or the internet connection lost. In this case, the terminal can not send phone notifications or email messages because the terminal is not running. So telegram messages will be sent from our servers to inform you about the status of the terminal. It is needed to enable reporting option (1). So if (1) disabled, this feature can not work.

4. Enable this option if you want to remind telegram messages every X minutes in case of terminal closed/lost connection.

The above is a sample of the accounts management panel on the PC and Phone.

5. This is a private link to access to your panel. The link is provided on the “Settings” tab. See section E below.

6. Account numbers (Login IDs) are reported on this column.

7. Account name. This is an optional name you can assign to each account on the “Settings” tab. See section E below.

8. Account Status :

  • Ready : Means the terminal is running and connection with the trade server4 persists.
  • Closed : Mean the terminal is not ready. Maybe the terminal is closed or not responding or the internet connection of the terminal is lost completely.
  • Offline : Means terminal is running but connection with the broker trader server is lost.

9. Account properties are reported there.

10. These buttons are used to close all open positions and orders on the account. The feature will work only if you enable “Allow Closing …” on the EA panel. (2) in the above image.

After clicking the button, a confirmation message will be shown . Such as below :

If you click on the “Close All” on the bottom (Summation row) You will be able to close all on all accounts by a simple  click. A confirmation message will be shown Such as below :

E. Setting up Telegram Messaging and Web Panel


1. This is an optional name you can assign to the account. The name will be displayed on notifications and on the web panel.

2. Input Telegram Bot Token here. (If you need help, visit How to Create Bot Token, Section 2 : What is Telegram Bot Token.)

3. These are steps to register telegram account :

After filling (2) with your own bot token, click “Register”. The EA will create a code for you. You have 120 seconds time to enter the code on the bot. To do this, for example if your created bot name is abcd_bot, on your telegram app search @abcd_bot and start a chat with the bot. Click Start and type the code and send. Then you will see the registration status on the EA panel.

4. This is your private web panel link. If you create and enter bot token on (2), the link will be created automatically. You can copy and paste the link on the explorer to access the panel. Make sure the copied text is correct because sometimes MetaTrader can not copy the text correctly.

5. These options are provided to copy settings from one terminal to another terminal easily. After setting up EA on one terminal,there is no need to repeat the above operations for another terminal. Use this feature to share settings with other terminals.

To copy setting between terminals on the same PC/VPS :

  • Write a name on the save text box and click save.
  • On the other terminals write the same name on the load text box and click load.

To copy setting between terminals on the different PC/VPS :

  • Write a name on the save text box and click save.
  • A file will be saved in the folder C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common\Files.
  • Copy the file and paste on the second PC/VPS to the same folder.
  • On the terminals of the second PC/VPS write the same name on the load text box and click load.

F. Simulate the panel as an APP on your phone :

For easy access on your phone, you can create a shortcut from the panel on your phone home screen. Visit below manuals :

How to create a shortcut for the web panel on Android home screen.

How to create a shortcut for the web panel on iPhone home screen.

G. Allowing EA to access to the Web Panel and Telegram

It is needed to allow EA to access to these links :

Please open Tools/Options/Expert/Expert Advisors and click Allow WebRequest and add the above links to the list. Same as below image :


  • How fast is the update rate of data on the web panel?
    • The update rate is about every 10 seconds.
  • Is the update of Web Panel Automatic?
    • No. Needs to click refresh anytime you want to see new values.
  • How to remove the account from panel?
    • Uncheck the checkbox on the EA panel. (Section D.1)

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