Chef Guntas Sethi leads ‘protein time auction’ challenge on MasterChef India Telugu-Telangana Today

Home cooks kicked off the challenge by choosing from four traditional South Indian curries, each packed with delicious flavors to spark their culinary creativity.

Published Date – 13 May 2024, 01:15 PM

Chef Guntas Sethi leads ‘protein time auction’ challenge on MasterChef India Telugu

Mumbai: In the latest challenge of ‘MasterChef India Telugu‘, home cooks faced their very first ‘Protein Time Auction’ challenge, led by Le Cordon Bleu-trained patisserie Chef Guntas Sethi.

The challenge began with home cooks selecting from four classic South Indian curries, each brimming with enticing flavours to inspire their culinary creations.

However, the excitement escalated when Chef Guntas Sethi, who is also known as the Food Ambassador for the EU’s ‘More than Food’ campaign, introduced the twist: an auction for the protein of their choice. From succulent meats to delicate seafood, the options were diverse and enticing.

In this thrilling bidding war, home cooks traded their precious cooking time to secure the ingredient they coveted the most.

Armed with their chosen proteins, curry, and a ticking clock, the home cooks embarked on a thrilling culinary journey, aiming to create dishes that would captivate the judges’ palates and earn their admiration.

It will be interesting to see which dish wins the Protein Time Auction challenge.

‘MasterChef India Telugu’ airs on SonyLIV.

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