Penugollu villagers trek 16 kms muddy road and hilly-terrain to cast vote

Hyderabad: It was a difficult task for voters in Penugollu village in Wajedu mandal in Mulugu district to exercise their franchise during polling on Monday.

Yet, they left no stone unturned in utilizing their right to vote by trekking the hilly terrain and muddy road covering over 16 kms to reach their polling booth, amid scorching heat conditions.

In the urban areas, especially voters in posh colonies are least bothered to cast their vote and enjoy the holiday with their family members and friends. Most voters in urban areas also question the State government in case of any civic problem during monsoon but they won’t take part in the election process, which is crucial for electing a right candidate.

However, a group of four voters, including a woman from Penugollu village holding bags and a senior citizen taking the support of a stick to walk trekked for 16 kms and cast their vote, receiving appreciation from officials, who are on election duty and other voters.

Surprised by the villagers’ enthusiasm, the officials took a selfie with them. Speaking on the occasion, the villagers said that the new government should focus on improving amenities in their village and come to the rescue of villagers especially senior citizens and children.

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