Date, Theme, History, Significance, Activities, and Quotes on Whiskey Day

Following are some of the Whisky Day activities that you may consider to celebrate the day.

Try a New Whiskey: If you have not tried all the types of whiskies, this is an opportunity for you to explore a new form of whisky. There is plenty of information available on the internet about types of whisky. So, do your homework, and try out a new whisky with your friends on World Whisky Day.

Whisky Party: Host a whisky party for your friends. Get all the types of whiskies and enjoy the night with lots of fun. Do not forget to have some amazing snacks along with the whisky to relish the exquisite taste of this magical drink.

Whisky Competitions: On World Whisky Day, many bars and restaurants hold whisky competitions for people to have fun. You can hit any of these bars with your gang to enjoy the day. This will also provide an opportunity to know about different types of whiskies.

Whisky Movie Marathon: To make this World Whisky Day a memorable one, grab a popcorn and enjoy the whisky movie marathon with your friends.

Whisky Clubs: Join a whisky club to enjoy some exclusive types of whiskies. May whisky clubs offer brands that are not readily available. So, this is definitely a win win deal for you.

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