To get some sort of a platform from where it can build upon, Srikanth needed to take an opening of over Rs. 2 crores. This is what happened too with Rs. 2.41 crores being collected at the box office on Friday. The number may seem low but in today’s parlance, this is a fair enough start for a film like this which is content oriented and relies on critical acclaim and audience word of mouth to do the trick.

Srikanth Box Office: Film takes an opening of over Rs. 2 crores

This should happen indeed for the Rajkummar Rao starrer which has seen all around positive reviews coming its way. While the start has happened, what’s now required is that audiences spread the good word as well so that it reaches out to be more and more people. There is no competition from any Bollywood film whatsoever though from Hollywood there is Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes which has opened around the same lines. Still, there is good enough space for both the films to perform and if they click, they can keep running well in parallel.

In fact, outside the film releases, the bigger competition in fact is from the IPL, elections and the heat-wave. For the lovers of sports, there is action every evening. For the nation at large, there is so much chatter around the political developments. As for the ‘aam junta’, it needs to battle the heat as well at least till later afternoon. Despite all this, one just hopes that this Tushar Hiranandani film finds its audiences since it’s a well-made entertainer that caters to the family audiences.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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