Chest of gold – Analytics & Forecasts – 10 June 2024

Chest of gold is a professional automatic advisor using neural networks, designed specifically for trading gold on the H1 time frame.

This trading robot, developed in accordance with my original strategy, simultaneously analyzes data from 6 indicators on three time intervals: M5, M30 and H1. Our program is the best example of advanced computing platforms for data analysis in the trading industry. The Chest of gold advisor is an intelligent trading system that operates at a level inaccessible to human traders. Our product is capable of analyzing current and historical data on the gold market with unprecedented accuracy.

Forget about complex trading strategies with many indicators! The Chest of gold robot is designed to help you increase your earning potential. This is not just an expert advisor – this is the future of financial markets already here and now! The Chest of gold robot, which uses advanced data analysis methods, is ready to become your reliable ally on the path to financial achievements. We are confident that our product has the potential to bring you significant income! Take advantage of this opportunity and experience the benefits of the future now!

When developing this advisor, we used advanced neural algorithms to expand its functionality. Thanks to the integration of these algorithms into a neural network, our robot has a wide range of tools for successful trading.

We bring to your attention tests of Chest of gold on tick quotes since 2014, so that you yourself can evaluate the outstanding results of its work over a long period of time!

Instructions for use

  • Working symbol: GOLD (XAUUSD)
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Virtual hosting (VPS) with minimal latency.
  • Recommended for use on accounts with low spreads.

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