pips harvester EA how its work – Analytics & Forecasts – 10 June 2024


the price of pair move up and EA He received an indication that the price was moving higher through more than 500 movement sensors, including traditional sensors to measure movement and sensors that were specially handcrafted with extremely complex and confidential specifications and a time filter to protect the expert from news shocks and the opening and closing of the market. If the expert knew that the price movement was rising, he opened a buy transaction. Since the other sensor gave him a signal that the price will continue in the same direction for a specific period of time, so the percentage of achieving the goal will be 98%. Then he continues opening deals as long as the sensor gives him the same degree of strength for the trend. When the signal weakens, he stops and then determines the trend again and moves with it. So what happened if the trend was reversed after that? The deal is actually opened with the trend. Yes, this happens. At that time, the expert opens deals in the new direction to benefit from the price movement in this direction and cools the deal .It cools the old deal until the trend reverses again more slowly. Therefore, we guarantee that the expert will continue to achieve profits wherever the price goes. Therefore, to deal well with this expert and after a period of achieving 100%. From the original capital, withdraw your capital and raise the risk a little. Thus, I created this expert to be a machine that works non-stop. 

                           live results

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so i hope this EA You will like it

here we see the profits that the EA made it at just 5 days so after you made 100 % withdraw and rise your risk 

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