“Pull Your Head Out of Your A**”- Cup Stars Strolling ARCA’s Notorious Path at Sonoma Has Kyle Busch Siding With Livid Fans

The yellow fever has hit the NASCAR Cup Series race at Sonoma Raceway hard. While the fans expected to see some thrilling road racing action, all they have been treated to is boring and uneventful caution laps. From Denny Hamlin’s early engine bust to Michael McDowell and multiple other cars’ wrecks into the tire barrier, there have been a total of seven caution flags already in the race.

And if this trend continues, the race could very well break the track record for most caution laps, which stands at nine. Usually, these scenes are expected from ARCA Series races, where young drivers are accustomed to causing wrecks and crashes. This even got Kyle Busch frustrated and hinted at the only solution that could perhaps save the race from becoming a wreck-fest.

“This is where old man France comes over the radio and says to pull your head out of your a** to everybody?” the RCR driver said this via his team radio. Not only Busch but even the fans who were anticipating a good race were left frustrated with multiple yellow flag runs.


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Calling out the best stock car racing drivers in the country, a fan wrote, “Is this the NASCAR Cup Series with the best drivers in the world?”

Some even called out the Cup drivers as clowns for putting up a disastrous racing show, “This is ridiculous!! These guys should be absolutely embarrassed by this clown show!!”

There have been a fair few supporters who have never been in favor of racing on road courses. And given the current situation of the race at Sonoma, they got a perfect opportunity to chime in with their arguments, “This race sucks. Give me an oval”.


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Meanwhile, a fan wasn’t sure if he was watching a Cup Series race or an ARCA event. “This is ridiculous. If I wanted to watch arca I would”.

This streak of caution runs at Sonoma also prompted an out-pour of some hilarious comments, “I’m done I’m turning this sh*t show off. Can’t even make a single lap. It’s embarrassing how shit these guys are”.

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