Using Predictive Analysis for Enhanced Trading Strategies 

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Maximizing Predictive Analysis can outperform both Technical and Fundamental Analysis 

Practical Application: 

  • Since 1991, VantagePoint’s Predicted Moving Averages have given over 45,000 traders a tool that leads the market by applying neural networks to Intermarket analysis of global financial markets. This technologically advanced approach turns what has traditionally been a lagging indicator into a true leading indicator, which has been proven to be highly accurate at predicting short-term trends and changes in trend direction with incredible accuracy. 
  • VantagePoint’s Predicted Moving Averages combine actual market data with forecasted market data and then takes an average of those values. 
  • A 6-day PMA of closing prices takes the past four days of closes, adds two days of predicted data, and then divides that total by six. 
  • Six days are still averaged, but day five and day six are predicted. This innovation minimizes, if not totally eliminates, the lag effect previously thought to be inherent in moving averages and traditional technical analysis. Now, the important key here is that the two days of predicted data derive from VantagePoint’s patented neural network pattern recognition to Intermarket analysis.  
  • This technologically advanced combination of two powerful computing technologies – neural network analysis and trend forecasting – patented by Louis ‘Lou’ Mendelsohn, is what gives traders like you insight into market dynamics and impending trend changes days before the competition gets wind of what’s really happening.   

Integrating predictive analysis for enhanced trading strategies empowers traders to leverage advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to make informed decisions in today’s dynamic markets. You can join this next Free Live Training to learn more about it.  

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