Why the Prop GT Expert Advisor has a better chance to pass the Prop Firm Challenge than an ordinary trader – Trading Systems – 10 June 2024

Completing the Prop Firm Challenge is one of the most difficult tasks for a trader. According to statistics, more than 95% of traders fail at the Challenge, constantly spending money on new and new accounts, but never achieve the desired goal. Each time traders face a number of problems that prevent them from successfully completing the Challenge. However, Prop GT Expert Advisor offers solutions to increase the chances of success. In this article, we will look at why the Prop GT Expert Advisor has a much better chance of passing the Prop Firm Challenge than most traders.

First, let’s analyze the main problems why most traders fail at passing the Challenges.

  1. There is no trading plan. Most traders approach such Challenges underprepared, without a trading plan, opening random trades and hoping to get lucky. But in reality, there is no luck in the market. You may get lucky once, twice, but over the long term you will simply fail the Challenge. A trading plan is essential for every trader: you should have a clear understanding of when you need to enter a trade, where to place your StopLoss and TakeProfit. Without the right strategy, you simply won’t be able to achieve the necessary profits to pass the Challenge, which will also lead you to lose your account.
  2. Emotional Decisions. Once your trading plan is ready, it needs to be followed in a disciplined manner. The task seems simple, but in reality, because of emotions, many traders forget the existence of this plan. Everyone has emotions, but when you trade you have to control them. Emotions are a trader’s biggest enemy. Everyone knows the feeling when you suffer a loss and immediately want to open another trade to recover, or you want to get more profit, so you do not close your trade in time. All these things lead to violation of the trading plan, which often leads to failure the Challenge.
  3. Ignoring the rules of risk management. When it comes to trading on Prop Firms accounts, you need to properly control your risks so that you don’t lose your account. However, in reality, there are often situations when a trader, seeing that the trade is approaching the StopLoss, starts moving it further and further away in the hope that the instrument will turn around and reach the TakeProfit. In most of these cases, the trade will simply close at the StopLoss and you will lose more than you could have lost initially. Also, sometimes there are situations where you have incorrectly calculated the risk on a trade, and at a loss you simply lose your account.

Now that we have figured out the main problems, I suggest we look at solutions to these problems using the Prop GT Expert Advisor.

1. Trading Plan. Prop GT Expert Advisor knows exactly when to open a trade. In each trade the Expert Advisor knows where to fix profit and where to place StopLoss. According to the test results, we see that the Expert Advisor brings the necessary profit per month to pass the Challenge, and does not violate the rules of account drawdown.

2. Exclusion of emotions from trading. Prop GT trades strictly according to the algorithm, which excludes emotional decisions. The Expert Advisor follows a predetermined strategy and does not allow human emotions to influence the trading process. Robots have no emotions, they are not influenced by external factors, all a robot has is a trading algorithm.

3. Strict adherence to risk management rules. The Expert Advisor has a Prop Controller module, which observes the risk parameters and does not allow exceeding the set drawdowns, which is important for compliance with the conditions of the Challenge.

To summarize, we can see that the problems that prevent traders from completing the Challenge are simply solved by the Prop GT Expert Advisor. Using a Prop GT Expert Advisor can significantly increase a trader’s chances of successfully completing the Prop Firm Challenge by eliminating emotional trading, strictly adhering to risk management rules, and ensuring disciplined trading. For those who want to start using the Expert Advisor to pass the Challenge, you can install it by following the link:

You can also go to the chat room, where you will always get answers to all questions related to the Prop GT Expert Advisor see the results of users who use the Expert Advisor and be the first to know important news: @prop_ea

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