9 Top Crypto Conferences and Events to Attend in 2024

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The crypto landscape continues to expand each year. Multiple conferences, conventions and events provide a space where crypto enthusiasts can meet and discuss all things crypto. Whether it’s a regional event or an international summit, they attract experts and enthusiasts from all over the world making them unmissable. They are the perfect time for crypto lovers to learn about the latest advancements and connect with like-minded individuals. Some of the top crypto conferences and events in 2024 include:

Top 9 Crypto Conferences and Upcoming Crypto Events in 2024

9 Top Crypto Conferences and Events to Attend in 2024

European Blockchain Convention

The European Blockchain Convention is considered to be one of the most influential blockchain events that will be held in Europe. There will be five thousand attendees and three hundred speakers making the event larger than ever before. The event has features three different stages, an exhibition area, competitions held for startup companies, parties and other exciting activities for all attendees. The aim of this convention is to accelerate the blockchain ecosystem in Europe with the help of influential individuals in the space.

Crypto Expo Europe

Crypto Expo Europe is set to be one of the biggest crypto events of 2024. The event will include valuable worldwide speakers who have made a big impact on the industry where they will discuss topics in the space. The event allows crypto enthusiasts to experience a space where they can network and connect with like-minded individuals and companies, while also celebrating the crypto space together. The event will also include an awards gala that is set to be one of the most memorable moments in the whole expo, making the whole event an event that cannot be missed.

Bitcoin 2024

Bitcoin 2024 will take place in the city of Nashville from July 25th to 27th. 2024. It is the perfect place for building out core neighborhoods and content tracks that will allow the process of hyperbitcoinization to accelerate. The event will feature dedicated networking lounges, stages and even sponsorship opportunities for enthusiasts and companies. It also provides the perfect setting for one of the largest gatherings of crypto miners and suppliers. 

Blockchain Futurist Conference

This is one of the largest crypto, Web3 and blockchain events that will be held in Toronto Canada on the 13th and 14th of August, 2024. Thousands of like-minded individuals gather in one place to network, learn and experience all kinds of events that will help to shape the future of blockchain. This annual conference fosters engagements from the participants who have various expertise in the blockchain space. There will be industry leading experts who will attend the program to discuss and debate on trends and showcase the newest and most innovative tech in the space.


Enthusiasts looking to attend the premier crypto event of 2024 will not want to miss out on TOKEN2049 which is annually organised in Dubai and Singapore. The event gathers founders and executives of leading Web3 companies and projects who have discussions where they share their views on the latest events in the crypto space. The event unites entrepreneurs, investors, developers, insiders and global media who all get together to connect over their shared enthusiasm for crypto. The event includes multiple meetups, workshops and networking opportunities that span over a period of two days.

Blockchain Life 2024

Blockchain Life 2024 will be held in Dubai on April 15th and 16th, 2024. The event is highly anticipated, attracting over 8000 attendees from all over the world to gather in one place to discuss their shared interest on Web3, cryptocurrencies and mining. The event hosts top industry players, government officials, investors, startups with high potential, and world Crypto Whales. The event will display and discuss the latest Web3 technologies, present attendees with a wide range of networking opportunities, and talks from global leaders in the crypto space. 

Blockchain Economy London Summit

The Blockchain Economy London Summit is one of the leading meeting places of the top crypto companies and blockchain entrepreneurs from all over the world. The event is one of the largest blockchain events in the UK that will unite key players and top crypto experts who continue to work towards redefining the future of finance. The summit allows attendees to explore the wide potential of Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the metaverse. There will be many opportunities for individuals at the summit to benefit from making strong connections and interactions with top individuals in the crypto space.


Devcon is one of the biggest annual conferences that is solely dedicate to Ethereum. Crypto industry leaders gather at the event to impart their knowledge on community members and to discuss what the future of the industry looks like. Devcon features multiple workshop rooms, dedicated co-working areas, meeting spaces and even hacker basements that give individuals the opportunity to meet, connect and work together. The official dates and location for the event are yet to be announced, yet it is already highly anticipated by many in the crypto community.


Crypto conferences and events are the perfect places for like-minded individuals to gather and form connections in a space that continues to expand. These events all crypto enthusiasts to learn more about advancements made in the space, and can be great places for influential discussions on the future of the whole crypto industry. Attending crypto conferences or events is also one of the best way to potentially connect with industry leaders who continue to work towards perfecting the crypto space. 

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