Novak Djokovic Was Home With His Kids Watching Alcaraz Defeat Zverev

PK Says:

Um, Novak would not be defending a Wimbledon title because he did not win the title last year…!

lylenubbins Says:

Wondering about his recovery time. Probably US Open would be his best bet this year. If that happens, next year may be his last.

Wog Boy Says:

Something tells me he will play Wimbledon and hopefully retire this year or at AO 2024 where everything started, enough is enough.
After him I am retiring too from tennis, everything started long time ago with Nasty Nastase, continued with Jimbo, Agassi, Safin and finishing with the GOAT, just right👏👍

But don’t get your hopes high, I will be checking up on my friends and my “friends” here.

In my retirement I’ll enjoy my beloved Dogies, was yesterday at the match, absolutely blown away, gutsiest win for a long long time, Dogs of War are back after few years in wilderness:

if check last try I was there jumping up and down with my blue and white Bulldogs army, what a comeback, wow!

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