MetaTrader 4 LiveUpdate: old version, try to download new one (How-to Avoid This) – Other – 14 June 2024

OLD Version A Major Concern for MetaTrader Users

MetaQuotes, the owner of MetaTrader, has implemented a forced error for outdated versions to prompt users to perform LiveUpdates on their MetaTrader programs.

When experiencing an OLD Version error, your MetaTrader program will stop working, forcing you to update to the latest version to resume normal operations.

Challenges Caused by OLD Version Errors:

  1. MetaQuotes does not widely announce new releases, leaving users unaware of when updates are needed.
  2. MetaTrader users running the program on VPS servers often do not monitor their programs, and the OLD version error can cause prolonged downtime.
  3. Many users running Expert Advisors (EAs) are not prepared for the required restarts (re-launches) for version updates, which may alter configurations and require re-setting the EAs.
  4. Another potential issue (though rare) is the compatibility of EA code, which may result in the EAs stopping after a MetaTrader update.

Can the OLD Version Error Affect All Users?

Absolutely. Since the forced error is a policy of MetaQuotes, even your forex broker can only advise you to update to the latest version. This policy affects both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms and all brokers using these platforms.


It’s important to note that the only solution to the OLD version error is to perform the update. Moving forward, users should update promptly to avoid the OLD version error, as MetaQuotes does not immediately enforce this error. Currently, the OLD version error is seen as MetaQuotes ending support for older MetaTrader versions.


An easy way to avoid the OLD version error is to receive early notifications of MetaTrader updates from MetaQuotes. To address this, I created an Expert Advisor to detect MetaTrader updates. Whenever there is a new version, a Windows alert will notify you, prompting you to update your MetaTrader immediately to avoid the OLD version error. Click here Check Version MT4

I’ve set a minimal price for this tool because MQL enforces a minimum price of $30. But you can maximum limit 20 activations. I’d be happy to use the proceeds to buy coffee 🙂


In Indonesia, join the Telegram Channel @vpstradingnews or Their WhatsApp Community. (for Indonesian)

Globally, join the Telegram Channel @gainserverchannel or Their WhatsApp Community.  (for ENGLISH)

Ensure you’re subscribed to the above channels to receive FREE early update notifications for MetaTrader.


For issues with Expert Advisors caused by the OLD version error in MetaTrader (points 3 & 4), you’ll need to upgrade your EA programming to adapt to re-launch or server reboot processes. This ensures that once you update and re-launch the program, your EA will resume normal operations without significantly impacting your activities or business.

Hopefully, this information is helpful. Please share it with anyone who might need it!

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