Trump and Biden agree to mic muting for first debate as ex-president appeals to Black voters in Detroit : Live Updates

Lawrence O’Donnell roasts Ted Cruz for supporting Trump in live broadcast

The final details of the highly-anticipated live debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been released by CNN.

The 90-minute debate, set to take place in Atlanta on June 27, will mark the first in-person showdown of the 2024 race between the two rivals.

According to the rules, microphones will be muted until the chosen candidate’s turn to speak, and there will be no studio audience, something that Trump is known to have played off in the past.

The event will also include two commercial breaks and campaign staff may not interact with their candidate during that time.

On Saturday, Trump hosted back-to-back events in Michigan. The former president and convicted felon hosted a roundtable with members of the community at the 180 Church in downtown Detroit, which serves a predominantly Black congregation.

He also made an appearance at the “People’s Convention” for political advocacy group Turning Point Action, which the Anti-Defamation League says has been linked to extremists.

Trump celebrated his 78th birthday on Friday in the company of his “Club 47 USA” fan organization in West Palm Beach, Florida.


In pictures: Trump’s roundtable at Detroit church


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Obama or Biden ‘never visited the hood’, says Detroit pastor

Reverend Lorenzo Sewell thanked Trump for visiting his church in downtown Detroit.

“I’m so humbled that you would be here,” he said.

“President Obama never came to the hood, so to speak, right? President Joe Biden, he went to the big NAACP dinner, but he never came to the hood. So thank you.”

Reverend Sewell added that the community was “disenfranchised… marginalized [and] pushed aside.”

Trump thanked Reverend Sewell, congratualting him on his work in the community, later joking “would you like to be vice president?”

“I think he would, and he’d be a good one too,” he said.

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Trump hears from members of Detroit community

Donald Trump attacked the Biden administration’s economic and immigration policies, saying they had negatively impacted the Black community.

The former president heard stories and took questions as part of a roundtable discussion at the 180 Church on Staurday afternoon.

One woman, Valerie – who runs after school programs in the community – was described as a “big fan” of Trump.

Introducing her, the rountable moderator: “Valerie is with us, and I heard also, she’s a fan, like a big one.

“I’m gonna say it because I don’t want her to get in trouble. What she said to me backstage was that Melania is in trouble. She better watch out. That’s what she told that’s what she told me. I promise,” the moderator said, prompting laughter.

“We’re still in church,” the pastor reminded him.


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Trump claims his administration achieved lowest ever African American unemployment rate

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Detroit church sings happy birthday to Trump

Donald Trump’s roundtable session in downtown Detroit ended with members of the community singing him Happy Birthday.

The former president smiled and laughed, and nodded his head along to the song.

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Happy birthday: Republicans now want to rename the oceans after Trump

Legislation from Florida Representative Greg Steube would rename the US Exclusive Economic Zone to the “Donald John Trump Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States.”

Alex Woodward has the details:

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Trump: ‘Black community is being hurt by illegal aliens’

Donald Trump told supporters in Detroit that the Black community was being hurt by “illegal aliens” entering the country through the southern border.

“They’re taking your jobs,” he said.

“You’ve heard that, but they’re coming into your community, and they’re taking your jobs. They’re affecting the African Americans, and then after that, the Hispanic Americans, more than any other group.”

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Michigan matters

Few states are expected to matter more in November than Michigan, which Joe Biden carried by less than 3 percentage points four years ago.

The African Americans demographic is especially important to the Democrats – it made up the backbone of Biden’s political base in 2020. But less than five months before Election Day, Black voters are expressing modest signs of disappointment with the 81-year-old president.

Michael Whatley, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, told Michigan Republicans at a dinner on Friday that the state could not be more important.

“Everybody knows if we don’t win Michigan, we’re not going to have a Republican in the White House,” Whatley said. “Let me be more blunt: If we don’t win Michigan, we’re not going to have Donald Trump in the White House.”

“We are going to determine the fate of the world in this election in November,” he added.

Trump has argues he can pull in more Black voters due to his economic and border security message, and that his felony indictments make him more relatable.

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Trump begins address at Detroit church

(Right Side Broadcasting Network)

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Trump’s roundtable at Detroit church to start soon

Donald Trump’s Saturday roundtable at 180 Church on Detroit’s west side is due to begin shortly.

“President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will visit Detroit to listen to members of the community,” a statement from Trump’s campaign said.

“President Trump will discuss how Joe Biden has failed the great people of Detroit and the State of Michigan.”

Mike Bedigan15 June 2024 20:57

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