Sandlot Star Tom Guiry Arrested After Hurling Dumbbell At Neighbor’s Car! And It’s All On Video!

Tom Guiry has found himself in some legal trouble…

Remember Scotty Smalls from The Sandlot?? You know, the new kid in town who couldn’t throw OR catch? Well, it looks like that’s all changed now… Except he traded in the baseball for a dumbbell!

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In footage obtained by TMZ, the child actor can be seen marching up to his neighbor’s jeep — shirtless with the weight in tow — before tossing it against the windshield, leaving it a shattered mess. He then marches back across the street to what appears to be his own house and goes inside. Watch (below):

The Horry County Sheriff’s Office told the news org that the incident went down on June 2. Apparently, when officers arrived, the owner of the Jeep said in distress:

“Really? My window’s been shattered.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Tom responded:

“That sucks man, I’ll pay you back, I’m sorry, I’m gonna get you back … I did it. I’m sorry man. I’m coming back to get you … sorry brother, I’ll pay you back.”

But that wasn’t the extent of the interaction… The Jeep owner apparently told cops that Tom had also approached his front door with a knife in hand… And that’s ALSO on camera! See (below):

Damn!!! That’s scary!!

It’s not exactly clear what led to all of this, but Tom was ultimately arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and malicious damage.

This wasn’t the first time he was arrested, either! Back in 2013, he was thrown in the slammer for allegedly attempting to assault an officer in Texas. Wild stuff!


[Images via Disney Plus & Avalon/WENN]

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