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Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra is scheduled to be released on 19 July, 2024. Gujarat is a city in India that is more commonly known by the name of an incident rather than its actual name. People usually associate the name “Godhra” with the Godhra train burning incident of 2002, which

The commission’s investigation is unveiled through the research of a student, who receives an assignment on the topic at his university. As his parents died in the Gujarat riots, he has a personal interest in understanding the root causes of those riots. During his research, he meets everyone associated with the commission and tries to uncover what the commission discovered during its six-year tenure. The film also explains that the Godhra incident was orchestrated to terrorize Hindus and respond to other subversive activities. However, the incident has been distorted and misrepresented by the internet and media, obscuring the truth from the public. In another phase, the film portrays the journey of the Sabarmati Express train, which travelled from Ayodhya to Godhra and became a victim of hatred. It sheds light on the pain suffered by all the religious volunteers (kar sevaks) on that journey, a pain that history has largely overlooked. Finally, the student’s research leads him to uncover the plan behind the attack on the Sabarmati Express. He seeks answers to whether the attack was premeditated and at what level it was planned. He presents his research findings to his university, revealing how he brings the information about the Godhra incident to the public’s attention. This film is titled “Godhra 2002: Accident or Conspiracy.”

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