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As expected, Kill saw a growth in numbers on Saturday. The film was always meant to be a word-of-mouth film and all it needed was some sort of number to come on the first day so that word of mouth could be generated by those who have watched it. This is what that happened as the opening day collections were Rs. 1.35 crore and then at least at the key urban centre multiplexes, the film saw appreciation coming for it.

Kill Box Office: Film grows well on SaturdayKill Box Office: Film grows well on Saturday

As a result, Saturday collections stand at Rs. 2.20 crores and that’s a good enough growth when compared to Friday. Had the number moved from Rs. 1.35 crore to say, Rs. 1.75 crore, then it would just have been a nominal growth and stability from Monday onwards would have been a challenge. However, this jump in collections has led to expectations of a much higher score today and if Rs. 3 crores mark is hit today then there would be weekdays ahead of it to stabilize at collections of around Rs. 1 crore each.

The two-day total of the Lakshya starrer is now Rs. 3.55 crores and while Rs. 6 crores would be comfortably crossed, anything over and above Rs. 6.50 crores would be actually preferable. Basically, the film is aiming for a first week total of around Rs. 11-12 crores and then keep running for the next few weeks.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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