Highs and Lows Manipulation – My Trading – 8 July 2024

In this blog we discuss about some way highs and lows are manipulated

As you can see I have added fibo on a particular swing which is not accurate high, because after that you can see high is broken by wick or body.

Lets understand what is reason behind that. It is called High low manipulation

In the image below you can see once an actual high established, any high beyond that which does not sustain above this actual high is considered invalid.

You may see price tried to manipulate high two times but both time it failed to sustain above actual high because the open of the candle which broken the actual high level had a closing  immediately after manipulation of high upside. This actually traps a lots of trader who consider a new high is established, but in reality previous high remains valid and it traps anyone who do analysis from manipulated highs.

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