10 Best Stock Market Podcasts in 2024

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The stock market may be challenging to navigate for most investors. Listening to experts with years of experience in the stock exchange can help investors improve their investing techniques and make more profits in the highly volatile industry. Beginners looking to start investing and more experienced investors who have had a long journey in the industry can listen to stock market podcasts to receive solid investment advice to take their stock investment to new levels. These are some of the best stock market podcasts for 2024 that you don’t want to miss out on. 

10 Best Stock Market Podcasts in 2024

10 Best Stock Market Podcasts in 2024

1. Stock Market Investing with Jose Najarro

Jose Najarro is a long-time stock market investor who uses his knowledge and experience in the market to provide listeners with concise updates on the stock market and other financial news. Listeners can enjoy short podcast episodes that are about ten minutes long but contain a wealth of information all related to stock market investing. He discusses market insights, financial trends, and the different kinds of investments to diversify your investment portfolio. He also helps listeners understand how the stock market works and how some investments can help growth while others can’t. 

2. State of the Markets

State of the Markets is a podcast hosted by two highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals who provide listeners with a way to have a different perspective on the markets. They share their compelling thoughts and viewpoints on various topics that affect the stock market, educating listeners and allowing them to look at the stock differently. The podcast hosts different guests who are non-mainstream experts or commentators but have exciting insights on the market. They discuss unique ideas and honest viewpoints that can impact market investing and develop a profitable investment strategy. 

3. Daily Stock Market News

The Daily Stock Market News is hosted by successful stock market investors Markus Heitkoetter and Mark Hodge. The podcast is great for stock investors who want to listen to the latest stock market news while learning about the different implications that the day’s trends could have on investing decisions. The hosts use their knowledge and experience as traders to provide listeners with their take on the market. They also discuss the decisions that contribute to the diversification of their portfolios to grant listeners a realistic outlook on investment options that can impact their profits and growth as investors. 

4. Rich Dad Radio Show

The Rich Dad Radio Show is a podcast hosted by Robert Kiyosaki, who discusses the basics of stock trading while also providing beneficial advice on personal finance, business, and investing as a whole. The host invites different guests on the podcast, who act as advisors to provide listeners with insights on investing and the markets and exchanges from different viewpoints to help them achieve financial goals while investing. The podcast aims to help listeners learn about facts and information to make the right investing decisions. Navigating market volatility and investing for beginners is easier with the help of this podcast. You can learn all about the market, how to improve investing strategies, and how to make proper decisions in a constantly fluctuating industry and outperform others. 

5. Fresh Invest

Fresh Invest is another excellent podcast where the host’s primary goal is to break down the current market conditions and their implications on investors. The discussions on the podcast can help many investors take actionable steps when it comes to investing and adequately managing finances. Hosted by Alex Lieberman, each episode is about twenty minutes long to ensure investors get as much necessary information as possible, even on a busy schedule. Lieberman discusses topics about the financial world and investing in general. He invites expert guests to provide a deep dive into important market topics in a way that helps beginners grasp essential concepts and how to invest in stocks while also providing information to experienced investors. 

6. Chat with Traders

With a weekly episode averaging over an hour, Chat with Traders is the perfect podcast for listeners and investors looking for crucial information and insights from some of the top performers in the industry. The show provides listeners with real-life examples of how to invest, become successful traders and investors, and successfully trade in a volatile market. The host and guests on the show provide their investing tips and pointers that have helped them have a profitable performance in the market through technical conversations and personal motivational stories.

7. The Money Movement

The Money Movement is a podcast discussing topics beyond investing and digital currencies. While providing investment advice to help listeners learn all about investing and how to become a successful investor, the podcast also explores the different ideas and opportunities that can help listeners learn about digital money and how to find prosperity through various methods of exchanging financial values. The podcast is great for stock investors who want to dive deep into investing and making money while also looking into the various investment opportunities available for success through digital currencies. 

8. The Market Huddle

Stock investors who enjoy podcasts will surely enjoy The Market Huddle, a podcast where each episode consists of an in-depth discussion on investing, expert market analyses, and various investment ideas with high potential for success. The hosts of the podcast invite experts on each episode to provide their input on the market and how market trends can impact investing decisions. The knowledgeable hosts also have a segment on the podcast where they answer questions sent by listeners, guide stocks and investment strategies, teach how to invest in the stock market and share their outlook for different markets. 

9. Planet Money by NPR

Planet Money is a podcast created by NPR to allow investors and listeners to learn about the economy and about investing in an innovative and engaging way. In addition to discussions about the stock market and stock investing, the podcast also discusses investing in general and the economy daily. These episodes have an average length of about 25 minutes. The podcast provides listeners with insights and inputs on the markets through interesting and humorous techniques that ensure listeners are entertained while they learn about investing in the stock market.

10. Barron’s Streetwise

Stock investors looking for a podcast that discusses the significant issues that impact the stock markets need to look no further, thanks to Barron’s Streetwise. This podcast is structured to ensure that listeners get all the necessary information before making investing decisions that could impact their profits. The weekly episodes consist of a report on market development that includes interviews with experts and more topic-focused decisions where the host, Jack Hough, discusses and shares insights from stock analysts, industry leaders, and insiders. \


These podcasts can act as a guide to investing, where listeners have access to personal financial advisors who are experts in the industry, providing their knowledge and expertise to help others find financial success through investing. The information shared through these podcasts acts as a fountain of investing knowledge whether you are new to investing, want to have a new perspective on the market, or are looking for a technical analysis that can change how you invest your money.

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