“The Machine” – The Best Funding EA To Date – Trading Strategies – 9 July 2024

The system seamlessly blends mean reversion strategies to help you trade funding accounts and grow your personal accounts. A perfect system suited for those who are comfortable with high risk in pursuit of high reward.

How the trading strategy works

The Machine V1.0 is a sophisticated EA that capitalizes on market anomalies caused by unusual volatility spikes. This EA employs a mean reversion strategy to exploit currency pair deviations from typical volatility ranges. It is not a scalper, but aims to exit positions for a profit generally within a few hours.

Utilizing Bollinger Bands, The Machine V1.0 identifies significant deviations from normal volatility ranges. It then uses the RSI indicator for confirmation, pinpointing overbought and oversold conditions to ensure high-probability trades. The EA takes advantage of these quick moves by exiting the position once it reaches back into the normal volatility range. 

The system runs on 3 pairs AUDNZD, NZDCAD, & AUDCAD. It has a limit of holding a maximum of 6 positions per pair and takes trades in the opposite direction as independent positions.

Extensive testing has shown The Machine V1.0 to deliver steady monthly and yearly returns. Its proven strategy and consistent performance make it a reliable choice for traders seeking stable returns.

The EAs collective performance

To validate a strategy, you need to analyse how many times your mechanical pattern succesfully occured in recent years. To eliminate human error, we’ve automated our manual trading strategy and analysed the results using the third-party software StrategyQuant.

Backtest report

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