No Change In Curriculum For Any Classes Except 3 and 6, CBSE Clarifies

No Change In Curriculum For Any Classes Except 3 and 6, CBSE Clarifies | FP Photo

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently reaffirmed that there has been no changes in the curriculum for any classes, except class 3 and 6. The board issued a notice regarding the same and said that “schools are instructed to continue using the same textbooks for these classes as they did in the previous academic year (2023-24).” This was done to prevent any misgiving or misunderstanding regarding the change of curriculum of any other classes, except classes 3 and 6.

CBSE posted the same on social media platform X and wrote, “Reference may be made to CBSE’s circular no. Acad. 29/2024 dated March 22, 2024. To allay any misgivings and for greater clarity, it is reiterated that for all classes other than 3 and 6, there is no change to the existing curriculum or textbooks.”

The CBSE also mentioned details regarding classes 3 and 6 textbooks. The revised books will be soon made available by the NCERT with updated changes and new syllabi. The CBSE also informed that a bridge course for class 6 and a concise guidelines for class 3 are currently being developed by NCERT for a seamless transition for students to new pedagogical practices and areas of study aligned with NCF-SE 2023.

The board further said that these resources will be distributed to all schools online once the work is completed.

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