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Japanese Knotweed - Sap Sucking Psyllid

I believe we are approaching that pivotal Passion Phrases Review moment in time and the date is December 21, 2012. We are teetering on the brink of just about every kind of disaster that humans can produce and that is something we can choose to fix. We don't have to act like spoiled children, defile our own living conditions and destroy ourselves ecologically. We don't have to destroy each other because we demand that everyone play by our personal or national rules. We could respect each other and our individual rights and clean up our prejudices. We could practice reasonable tolerance for each other's beliefs and practices. We could celebrate our diversity and pool our talents and resources to make this a truly wonderful place to live. The question is will we? Will we choose to ignore, avoid, blame, refuse responsibility, let the other guy do it, or wallow in self imposed stupidity? Or will we present ourselves as agents for good, accept that it is our personal job to step up to the plate and do what's possible to help ourselves and our way of life. Choice.
Marilyn Muir, author of "Presidents of Hope and Change: Bringing Hope to our Future by Reaching into our Astrological Past." Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama... The Lineage of Hope. Based on ground-breaking research by noted astrologer Marilyn Muir, this book describes the remarkable similarities of these four presidents in their Aquarian connections to the USA and their commonalities of character and motivation.
In a non-technical way, the author details how their sky maps (astrological charts) synchronize with the important events that took place during the lifetimes of presidents Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy-all of whom held office at profound moments in our nation's history. Ms Muir reaches deeply into the USA past to predict our nation's future. Demonstrating through meticulous astrological research how, under each of these president's watches, the country not only survived deep setbacks, but went onto greater and more successful heights.

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