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Raid The Bookies

So if you were thinking it had something to do with robbing a bank with gymnastic ability the day after someone else robbed it, you've come to the wrong place!
Often times in a game of No-Limit Texas Holdem, players will lose patience when they feel the looming blanket of desperation begin to wrap around their tournament run, or perhaps their cash game budget. They realize that they will need to make an effort at stealing blinds or they won't have any blinds to offer. At this point, it's not uncommon to see a player move all-in pre-flop, but in the case that they make an effort to simply raise and steal the blind, they are a prime target for a re-steal. If you are sitting further down the line, a re-raise will put the pressure on the remaining competitors; and if you happen to have posted the blind and sit on a strong pocket, it may be worthwhile to challenge the thief and retain your stack.
There are many strategies for most effectively utilizing a re-steal, but ultimately it comes down to reading opponents. The player with a stack that is smaller than yours might as well have a target on their back if they raise early; as much as they want to add the blinds to their dwindling stack, they've also got to think to protect. If they were remotely confident in what they were holding pre-flop, they would more than likely move all-in. Once you've spent some time playing with them, their play will become like a new language, and you can pick up little bits at a time; when he or she does this, they are telling you what they are about to do, and which texas holdem strategy you should adapt.

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With that being said, there is also Raid The Bookies Review the chance that you could set yourself up for a re-steal if you act too early. If you're attempting to steal the blinds, it's most effectively done the round after you've posted the large blind, or when you're late in the action. Getting caught in a situation of being stolen back from should teach you a valuable lesson; if you're going to steal, do it aggressively and skillfully; it would be better to fold than to lose chips in a raise, only to be re-raised pre-flop without the intention of playing. If you try and steal the blinds early, your goal is to make the other players fold; especially considering your strength of hand.

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