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ight-Source/Wavelength - Tria uses a diode laser and Silk'n uses an intense pulse light - IPL - flash lamp to work. For light skin, the Alexandrite (or Alex) laser is generally thought of has the most effective wavelength for laser hair removal purposes. IPLs are generally considered an antiquated system as compared with lasers. They are commonly thought of as less effective and more likely to cause injury because the light emitted from the flash lamp is not focused, so it is more likely to disperse into the client's skin before reaching the melanin rich blub of the hair follicle. The biggest drawback from the laser hair removal home devices with respect to light source is that neither the Tria's diode laser, nor the Silk'n's IPL system, is appropriate for tan or dark skin; most practitioners would recommend use of the Nd:YAG laser for skin with pigment. Fluence/Energy Level -- The fluence (or energy level) is another important factor in laser strength and effectiveness for permanent hair reduction. Fluence is measured in joules per square centimeter (J/cm²). The Tria has an adjustable fluence level of between 7 and 20 joules. The Silk'n has a fluence level of 5 joules. As earlier discussed, the energy level must be sufficient to cause permanent damage to the hair follicle so that is forever disabled from growing hair.

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People always want to know how much pain is involved in laser Organic Fungus Nuker hair removal. There is some pain involved. The laser zap feels like a snap on your skin, but a handheld cooled air jet attached to the laser helps to cool your skin and diminish the discomfort. The discomfort comes from the light energy from the laser being converted into heat energy when the laser light is absorbed by the melanin in your hair follicle. An experienced laser practitioner must therefore keep the energy level of the laser high enough to create enough heat to damage and disable the hair follicle, but low enough so that there is no harm done to the surrounding skin. Now that we're armed with these tidbits of knowledge. Let's take compare at home laser hair removal systems with medical laser systems used in laser centers and Medispas. In terms of price, at the date of this article, the Tria's pricepoint is $595. That's a little bit more than the cost of a full body session under the Unlimited Program, I earlier mentioned.

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