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Jockey Jewels Review

There are different kinds of bonuses. Welcome bonuses are a way of inducing a player to join a site. These bonuses can be in the form of free credits for trying the site. They may also be given in the form of free cards. Then there are the match bonuses that are a part of the welcome package. Most sites have a match bonus that applies to the initial deposit up to a specified amount. The player can't withdraw these funds but can withdraw any winnings obtained from the credits. Many sites also reward subsequent deposits with a lower percentage match bonus. Some have match bonuses that apply to certain payment mechanisms or days of the week.
Bonuses can also be given in the form of points that translate into wagering credits. Many sites have some kind of bonus for members who refer a friend that joins the site. More players mean more revenues for the online bingo site and they share some of this with the referring player. Bonuses can also take the form of promotions or specials at the site, like contests. Prizes may be in the form of credits, cash or merchandise of some kind.
Let's be honest here. Are you one of those players who patiently waits for those premium hands in a no limit hold'em tournament? But isn't it also true that when you peek at the first card and see it is a paint you get excited, until you recognize it is a Jack? And now you are hoping that second card isn't also a Jack?

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The right play in this situation Jockey Jewels is to keep the pot small. Bet two, two and half or even three times the big blind. You want to get players to fold, but you don't want to be too committed to this hand. If a player re-raises you, and you have made a 5 times the big blind raise you are going to be inclined to call that re-raise. A smaller raise pre-flop will be a smaller loss if you fold to a re-raise.

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