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Theoretical KnowledgeTheoretical knowledge can be obtained many places these days. There are poker sites, poker forums, and video tutorials to name some examples. Still, picking up a book by a competent poker writer might be your best bet. Personally, I have always recommended David Sklansky. He has written several books, but, obviously, you should select one aimed at beginners.After reading, and re-reading, a few beginner's books. Move on to books covering more advanced subjects, and start visiting the various poker sites, forums, and video tutorials. A concept crucial to keep in mind, is that anyone can dole out advice. Anyone can start a poker site or write a book. Do not take any advice you receive to be the end all of the discussion. Always remain critical and ponder if what is being told is logical. You will find a lot of useful and thoughtful advice, but, unfortunately, you will also find plenty of garbage.Experience and PracticeNow, all the knowledge in the world won't help you, if the minute you face adversity at the table you lose your head. You will be surprised by the extend to which money can influence your state of mind. To become a great player, you will have to spend countless hours practicing. Certain concepts, such as making quick, thoughtful decisions, as well as staying calm, can only be learned through practice.Taking Advantage of Bonus OffersWhen you start out playing and gaining experience, you might not be a winning player. You might be a break even or maybe even losing player. Luckily, there is a way to avoid losing money, while you hone your skills and turn yourself into a winning player. The way to do this is by taking advantage of the generous bonus offers found online. As an example, Full Tilt Poker offers up $600 in bonus on your first deposit. Meaning you could lose $600 playing the first few months and still break even. In fact, the competition at the lowest stakes is so soft, even total beginners can be break even players, meaning you would make a profit of $600.

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Right now, there are lots of Compare The Tipster Review online poker games that are developed by experts for the members to play their games everyday. Since Facebook members love to play card and other casino-related games, these Facebook web developers are making their wish came true. Texas Hold'em Poker and Zynga Poker are two of the top online poker games in Facebook now. Because of them, Facebook members are gaining more friends, adding Facebook groups and fan pages to their website, and create their own video about the game.

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